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Reverberations of scrapping school ranking in academics in students in Kenya


Date Posted: 3/3/2015 8:26:49 AM

Posted By: ODHIAMBO GORDY  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 62

The decision of the Ministry of Education in Kenya to abolish student's ranking primary and secondary schools has adversely affected students performance. Ranking has been there for a long time yet its advantages seemed to outweigh the delimitations. The learners' impetus towards competition has been undermined. However, it is the urge to outmatch your colleague in a field that has aspired specific people to excel.

Extrinsically motivated learner would excel if he/she is given opportunity to compete and shine over others. In addition, best performance sometimes is accompanied by magnificent rewards, praise and congratulations which are considered by psychologists as motives towards academic excellence but this will no longer be the case. High achievers will be frustrated since there would be nobody to give felicitous remarks on them. A human being will crave for appreciation. Teachers need motivation as well to offer the best service to trainees. This is primarily determined by learners performance. For instance, subjects analysis based on ranking was used as an index for rewarding teachers. Lowly motivated teachers would loosen their nuts hence hampering academic progress. This would bring adverse change to education sector.

Another impact of this new policy is based on general learning institutions' performance which will be deteriorated as the society is denied insight in education. Ranking used to provide the public with instant picture of schools' performance right from the sub-counties to the national levels. The public would use this information to rate schools through leveled comparisons and make appropriate adjustments. However, this tendency has been suppressed.

Ultimately, the Ministry ought to have gone back to the table and make reforms to this policy. This should involve curriculum facilitators and members of the general public. Education is the basic tool for a nation's success therefore it should

provide the best personnel in order to achieve the vision 2030's goals.

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