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10 Ways Teachers Service Commission can Improve Performance in KCPE and KCSE


Date Posted: 7/7/2015 4:47:30 PM

Posted By: NeilMwombe  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 129

The Teachers’ Service Commission should:
1. Raise the level of educational qualification of primary school teachers from certificate to undergraduate in phases. The skills and knowledge set demands of the modern society require highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers to provide high quality education.
2. Motivate teachers through increased pay, provision of adequate housing and transport and rewarding performance. These will reduce high staff turnover rate, boost morale and increase teacher performance. Student and teacher performances are mutually dependent.
3. Apply rigorous standards to the teaching profession and fire teachers that do not meet these standards. Bad teachers make worse students.
4. Devolve the Commission’s functions to the county level to offer better and more county specific services to the teaching profession.
5. Seek additional sources of funding other than relying on the national government alone in providing for additional staff, where there are shortages. Additional sources of revenues should include penalties charged on errant teachers and grants from development partners.
6. Hire on short-term contract basis teachers during the third term when seasoned teachers are busy preparing national examination candidates. This will mitigate the effects of staff shortage. This will reduce teacher overload, fatigue and lead to high performance in national examinations
7. Enforce regular effective school inspections. These will result in quality lessons and improved assessments. These are the recipes for positive performance in exams.
8. Encourage the mastery of content knowledge by allowing teachers to specialize in two subjects rather than seven. The requirement for primary school teachers to teacher seven subjects.
9. Retain good effective teachers in the force through recognition and reward. Effective teachers are instrumental in meaningful learning and performance in national examinations.
10. Enforce continuous professional development amongst teachers through a formally structured reward system. Professional development of teachers will naturally lead to quality learning experiences that paramount to high performance in learner evaluation and assessments.

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