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Effects of trade barriers to international market


Date Posted: 1/28/2017 4:26:29 AM

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Over a long time, there has been an export restriction of high technology goods those that dual use from China to other nations like the US. This has led to more regulations for domestic production, research and sales, and development of high technology products. The issue of export control over certain high technology products is still one of the vital issues for the negotiation of trade between China and other nations. An example is a time that the use under the Wassenaar Arrangement that was in need of a new export control use against China with the aim of creating new licensing regulations against high technology equipment's.

The issue of export license administration is also another issue. The DOC is the one that is responsible for the export and re-export of products via the export licensing. The China licensing is considered by the WTO as not being transparent and has led to wrangles between it and its other trading partners. In China, the less time that is needed for licensing approval is three months and might go up to a year. This period is much more lengthy that in other countries like Japan and Germany. The time-consuming process has increased the time that is needed to conduct business with China. After issuing the license, more strict measures are applied on the goods that are being imported in China. The follow-ups conducted are strict verification to ensure that the use of the exported PC is allowed in the field.

Effects of trade barriers to the PC industry

The wide international market in the PC industry is not able to develop and build the industry in a proficient manner. This is because they lack some basics like, the training that is required for potential workforce competency. It is required that the workforce has a basic

mapping exercise of computer software, personal information and services activity for the purpose of building an industrial base and wider participant. Many of the potential attractions are based by having the potential of developing and upgrading the low skilled software activities at exists in different nations. The development of different PC industries depends on the requirement of commitment regarding coordination of various divisions of agencies that operate in both horizontal and vertical manner to deliver the correct environment for the industry to grow and prosper. The different social learning from different countries requires social learning, interfacing and appropriate linking that are to be successfully delivered on local scales.

The standards set by the market also have an influence on international trading policies. There are standards that are set by Microsoft in setting operational standards in the PC operating system industry internationally. The entire PC that is imported or exported from a country have to compile with the policies for them to be allowed in the international market.

Effects of trade barriers to consumers

The barriers to the normal development of industries and trade in country lenders the realization of economic benefits more difficult. Though the creation of the restriction was done with the aim of creating a better environment, it has led to disproportionate burdens on the general public. By restricting the importation of other makes and model of PC, the government has led the number and choices of PC in the market to below, therefore, resulting in high prices at an artificially high level. This has led to lowering of the consumption level and a reduction of consumer's purchasing power.
The lack of absence in competition from foreign PC can result in the production of low-quality goods from the Local market. In this case, the rate of consumption is also affected. The consumers that are in remote areas might lack the opportunity of accessing the high technology since the local company might lack the full potential and abilities to manipulate the unrealized markets. This would result to the consumers in such areas not having the opportunity of accessing the products.

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