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Secondary school students should be allocated one teacher for the same subject from form one to form four


Date Posted: 1/28/2017 1:59:02 PM

Posted By: Biokenya  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 109

There has been a big mess in our secondary schools in Kenya especially in subject allocation to teachers.This is what I experienced in my high school and I believe it is happening all over the country.

You find that most teachers feel to be superior that they expect to be allocated to only upper secondary to teach. This has resulted to two categories of teachers in high school, these include "superior" teachers and "inferior." In my opinion, when a teacher is allocated a subject for specific class from form one to form four have the following advantages;

1)It is a good criteria for evaluating performance of a teacher which can ensure maximum service delivery by the teacher as he or she will not have in mind that someone will take over from him or her later.Good performance of the students is accorded to the teacher who can be promoted without compromise. This prevents demoralizing of some section of teachers whose hard work is transferred to another teacher who finds it easy later and all appreciation going to the latter teacher, forgetting the former teacher.

2) If a teacher is allocated to one class, it will be very easy for the teacher to keep in check the progress of each of his or her students throughout. This will make the teacher to identify where each student is weak and take necessary action to bring the students up.

3) If a teacher is allocated to one class then the students will have smooth transition from one chapter to another and from one form to the next. This is because the students would be exposed to the same teaching method and they will not have "the previous teacher comparison problem." In addition the teacher will confidently teach the topics ahead especially those that are related to

the ones in lower forms without fear that the students might have not understood the beginning topics which was not taught by him or her.

Scientist argue that change in environment changes the behavior of the organism in order to adapt to the new environment which takes time. Therefore changing a teacher for the students makes the students to take time to adapt and even re-adapt which is time consuming, especially when the 'new' teacher starts to repeat what the previous teacher had taught with fear that the previous teacher may have not explained the concept in a way students could understand better.

4) If a teacher is allocated the same class throughout, he or she will be up to date in all the syllabus. A teacher is human being and can also easily forget. This according to the say "regular review consolidates mind." The probability is high that the teacher set exclusively to teach junior secondary will mostly concentrate in syllabus coverage for form one and two and forget those of senior secondary. This is like wasting the mind of the teacher because the teachers employed to teach students from all levels of high school.

In conclusion, there is also a time when students from universities go for attachments in various secondary schools and they are assessed by their professors. This can interfere with the school schedule and the concept of allocating a subject to the same teacher. This is not a big problem because the interns come in one term per year after which the regular teachers can proceed with their classes.

Education is build from a good foundation for one to excel later. Hence without a proper foundation to our students their education will fed off.

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