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The Concept of Teaching


Date Posted: 3/28/2018 8:19:07 AM

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Teaching refers to the process where a person imparts skills,knowledge and information to another person.
For instance a teacher to his or her students.Teaching may refer to three aspects:
a).An occupation or profession.

*An occupation is meant for earning a living.
*Requires long duration of preparation.

*Standard performance is expected
*Willingness to advance the growth and effectiveness.

b).An enterprise.

Refers to the cluster of activities that the teacher engages in within the school setting.
They include:
*Making registers
*Filling mark books
*Being on duty
*Coordinating co-curricula activities
*Maintaining discipline among learners.

c). Actual teaching exercise.

These refers to actions intended to induce learning.
Must meet the following criteria:

*. Content being taught must be realistic

*Must involve methods and procedures that are orally acceptable
*The learner is logically necessary.

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