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12 Tips on How to Have a Successful Business


Date Posted: 4/8/2018 9:21:50 AM

Posted By: ROZA  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 961

In today’s world, so many people are venturing into business but sadly to say half of them are not lasting for even a year. This has been caused by the many mistakes that people are making. But there is hope for those who want to go into business or even the ones who are already in businesses but are not doing so well. Below are some good tips on how one can be successful in business:

1. Passion
A business idea should come from passion and not because your friend is in that business and is doing well. A copy and paste business will not go too far.

2. Demand
Ask your self this question first, ‘is that business of yours going to solve a problem that people have?’ that way your goods or services will be in demand, and people will be looking for you and not the other way round.

3. Vision
If you start your business today, know where it is headed before you reach there; know your objectives and future plans for your business, know where your compass is facing. If you have no goals, you are headed no where, as this helps you to have concentration as well as good management.

4. Growth
If you are already in business, ask yourself the question, ‘is my business growing or stagnant?’ People want to associate with people who are growing. If it is stagnant, look for where the problem is and what measures you are going to take to get out of that situation, because a stagnant business has no future.

5. Haste
Do not rush it. Do not be hasty in climbing the ladder. Start climbing the tree from the bottom not the top, as this will only stress you up.

6. Achievable goals
Put in place achievable goals. Although you should be having a vision, it should be a

vision that is reachable. An unachievable goal will frustrate you. We do not want your vision to suck out all your energy and make you leave others enjoying the fruit of your labor without you.

7. Good time management
Manage your time well; every one of us has 24 hrs a day, no more, no less. Wake up early, and plan your day’s activities ahead of time.

8. Keep it simple
Do not burden yourself with a lot of responsibilities that you are incapable of completing, deal with one thing at a time, do not complicate things.

9. Distraction
Never allow distractions in your business. Listen to people’s advice but consider what to take in and what to discard.

10. Family members
Avoid family members in your business. Many businesses have been known to collapse because of the involvement of family members. Look for other ways to help them but not to invite them into your business.

11. Avoid masses
Do not move with the masses. Follow your own path because your goals are yours and yours alone.

12. Customer service
Practice good customer service. You will find that very simple things will make your business different. Simple things like, cleanliness, courtesy, just to name but a few, will take your business far ahead.

Finally, a last word; ignore those who look down on you, and remember to pay yourself a salary since you are the first employee of your business and whatever you do, do not forget to pamper yourself when things go extra well in your business, but do not use up all your profit, save some for it to be ploughed back into business for it to continue growing.

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