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Steps to make our country what the people who fought for it wanted it to be.


Date Posted: 9/29/2017 11:54:26 AM

Posted By: Hope Wakesho Ngoyanae  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 102

African by natural resources is the richest continent in the world. So our problems in Africa are caused by us and it is only us who can wake up to that reality and reverse the situation. U believe young people are better choice of changing the situation that's why mentorship is necessary for them to turn around the fortunes of this continent.

Let's define leadership first?
Leadership is the ability to influence people towards a stated goal.Three key words are very important here:The first one is ability. How do you build the ability to influence people? The greatest impact of a leader in building ability is knowledge. Do you have the knowledge to lead? The second part of your ability is character. If you have a character flaw, i assure you that you can't be a good leader The biggest challenge in Africa that most of our leaders have serious character,you begin building the influence required to achieve that higher goal. The second significant word in that definition is influence .Influence is trying to drive people towards what you want and leadership is having voluntary followers :willing followers. The third part of that definition worth noting is a goal.

There are five things a leader must do

The first is to have a clear vision of where the institution, the organization, the family, the village, the church must go. As a leader you must define the big picture of where the organization you are running os going. You must define the big picture.
The governance mechanism is defined by values.A value system is very when you are running any institution.One of the critical value flaws in Africa is corruption. We are running countries with a shared vision but we don't run them properly because of corruption.

How is a country's

progress defined? A country's progress is defined by output. That output is also defined as income. Therefore definition of progress is handwork. If someone is corrupt, whatever you have acquired corruptly can't be part of the national income because you have not produced anything.

The second is building people. When you are a leader, your greatest and most Important asset is your people.Development is about people.

The third thing is to ensure the economic engine is right. Every decision made has financial implications. How do you ensure that there is food on the table if you don't know what the economic engine for the household is?

The fourth is to lead with others. A leader should not be left alone. That's why there is a saying in kiswahili which states "kidole kimoja hakiui chawa" translates to English as "one finger can't kill a lice"
Among the qualities of a good leader to lead us should be brave.
If you think leadership is for the faint-hearted think again. You must have the nerve of steel as a leader to face challenges. Another character is to be courageous. Courageous people have a very clear character and mind of what they want to be. And it doesn't matter if you're the only one left standing :courageous people will stand for what they believe in. These are few reasons to make this country our fighters who fought dearly for our country.

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