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Hindrance to Kenyan Development and Achievement of Vision 2030


Date Posted: 7/14/2017 1:09:22 PM

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Major causes of hindrance of development in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most blessed counties within African continent. In addition , Kenya is struggling to meet its vision 2030 with which there are only thirteen years to go. Although Kenya is making steps towards achieving its development goals by 2030, there are major if not many hindrances towards this achievement. Among these hindrances include; tribalism, corruption, failure to recognize the role of skills towards development, poor politics among others. These are described below

i) Tribalism
Kenya is one of the Countries where tribalism dominates.If I can point out one example of developed country, United States of America is a federal State made up of fifty states but they live as brothers and sisters. In fact Kenya has over forty two tribes along which division is clearly observed. In Kenya one is vied as Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kisii and many others. Tribalism has spread all over starting from employment opportunities, allocation of resources, learning institutions, hospitals, mass media, the list is inexhaustible.

This tribalism has contributed to the underdevelopment in Kenya in the following ways
a)Employment of non qualified personnel in various essential dockets. Employment has been based on "you know who" but not on merit. Those who deserve, qualified and are devoted to secure these positions are locked out and hence no development is achieved.
b)Tribalism has led to hatred and hence people of different tend not to associate and share their development agendas with people of other tribes.
c) Tribalism split people along political lines
d)Tribalism lead to poor provision of services in various institutions e.g, awarding of marks even in learning institutions along tribal lines.
e) Tribalism has led to unemployment
Hence, historical challenge they need to be addressed and change the mind of Kenyans to move away from these tribal

imprisonment which is the greatest enemy for development in Kenya. In fact it is very easy to deal with other problems hindering development in Kenya if its root cause which is well known to be tribalism is done away with.

ii)Failure of identification and exploitation of skills

In Kenya, youths have plenty of skills but there is no one to help them to exploit their skills. Skills are unique to an individual and these skills have great role in a country's development. A good example is Brazil which is among the developed countries.One of great contributors of Brazil development is football. Another good example is Jamaica which as been developed by athletics. Its in Kenya where football players are less recognized such that a team can even won a trophy on 'loan'. Actually the money allocated for Sports are unable to sustain a team for even up to a half of the Kenya Premier League Season. Sponsors are there whore are ready to Sponsor even foreign teams e.g Sportpesa is Sponsoring Hull City in England among other Clubs who know the benefit of football. In Kenya there are various Premier League teams facing serious financial problems they lack a sponsor because of less value put on Sports in Kenya. I believe great players of Kenya who have struggled to reach the level of playing in foreign countries like Victor Mugubi Wanyama, Denis Oliech, Mac Dobald Mariga, Origi among few others are now earning good money weekly from their Clubs. For example , Victor Mugubi Wanyama, a former Southhampton midfielder and currently South Hampton midfielder is earning over one million Kenyan Shillings daily. Do that per month!!!##that is indeed the value of only one Kenyan Player. In Kenya we are lacking modern stadia to host international Sport competitions and we are lacking good mentorship for the Young youths with skills.

iii) Poor and bad politics

I tend to believe that everything always has its own time but in Kenya is where one will not sleep without politics news. In fact, politics has been part and parcel of Kenya from one general election to the next. In addition, Kenyan politics has gone to extreme where people are divided according to his political Party.In addition, every sector in Kenya has been politicized ranging from music sector; to make matters worse are Gospel singers, the church, workshops,industries, leaders of different Unions especially workers union, learning institutions, diplomats and many others.
Politics take much of Kenyans time more than what they do to develop their lives. They attend political rallies and even there they cause chaos when they do not support the agendas of the Party. Majority of them are the Youth who are unemployed and idle. They get this time to express their evil things by causing chaos leading to political tension. Even as we approach August elections, many businesses are almost closed due to fear. All these are lagging Kenya behind towards achieving its development goals.

iv) Corruption

This is also a major historic and major hindrance for development in Kenya. The main affected individuals are ordinary citizens who have nothing to offer. The major sectors affected with bribery and corruption are the traffic police sector, law courts, employment sectors among other sectors. Ironically, the body in charge of corruption docket, the Commission of Anti corruption has failed to handle corruption cases of corruption. Corruption hinder development by;
a)Blocking the most qualified and devoted people who have nothing to offer from getting employment opportunities or leadership positions
b)When a person is given a position through bribery, he or she will care less in his or her service delivery. In addition, the person will strive to return the money he used to bribe and hence he or she will have no time to implement any development agenda.
c) Traffic police who are bribed have lead to increased road accidents due to misuse of roads. These accidents lead to loss of people with great minds who can play significant role towards Kenya development.
d)Corruption has lead to unemployment especially to the youth.This has resulted in increased criminal activities among the youths to get ways to survive Corruption has been contributed to buy greed, tribalism, lack of strict laws regarding corruption, high cost of living in Kenya and also church has not played its part on reducing corruption in Kenya.
In conclusion, Kenya is a great country that if we can stand out and eradicate above hindrances to Kenyan development,then, Kenya will realize its development vision even earlier before 2030.

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