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Asthma Treatment as a chronic disease


Date Posted: 6/21/2018 10:51:46 AM

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Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the lungs of a person, especially the airways that carry air to and from the lungs.This condition is characterized by inflammation inside the walls of an asthmatic and swellings of the airways making breathing process a difficult aspect. The inflammation results to increased defenselessness and irritation to an allergic reaction this because the airways become very narrow and only a little air can be allowed to pass to and from the lungs (Ameisen, Paul J, 2013). An asthmatic condition is characterized by a number of symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and breathing difficulties accompanied by chest pain and chest tightness. These signs are severely and frequently experienced during early mornings and during the night. A family with a positive history of asthma and other atopic diseases is quite helpful when taking a diagnostic guide to those who seem to have conducted the condition. Apart from family asthmatic status there exist other factors deemed to trigger the disease and they may include parental smoking, exposure to infections in early life, pre-term birth, cigarette smoke, viral respiratory infections, exposure to allergens among other conditions. The asthmatic disease is designated as incurable but with proper treatment and management persons with an asthmatic condition is able to live a normal and active life.

Therefore, health promotion is very essential in day to day activities. Social well being and health are always determined by other elements outside the health system such as socioeconomic conditions, family pattern, and demographic patterns among other elements (Krauss, Nancy, 2014). This calls for increased effort to promote and strengthen health systems incorporating action on community individual levels. Additionally, based approach settings should be in different places such as schools,workplaces, residential area, hospitals and other public based areas. A positive health outcome can only

be achieved by instigating health promotion policies with efficient utilization in any community. Health literacy is of equal concern too, it describes arrange of outcomes to health communication and education activities. The main concern is to identify the discrepancy between functional health literacy, critical health literacy, and interactive health literacy. The interactive health aspect guides on how people should interact or associate with the unlucky ones in the community despite being victims of diseases such as asthma (Pauwels, Romain, and Paul M. O'Byrne, 2011). For they are human beings and they deserve care, love, and sense of belonging from friends, classmates and even workmates. Therefore I will use the following strategies when working with asthmatics'.

Firstly, I will familiarize myself with their latest asthma action plan. This will make me conversant with their conditions and a rough idea on how each can get medications quickly or what to do if certain signs appear or even when an attack seems imminent. Upon realizing my working environment which is composed of asthma victim I will keep an inhaler on hands that is I will always ensure I have an inhaler with me in the job to ensure prompt action. One of the recommended inhalers is the ‘albuterol inhaler’ which is said to rescue most of asthmatics with ease. I will also ensure that I understand specific environmental triggers which might initiate the condition of the workmate. There exist different substances in the work area that may bring forth the asthma symptoms and fasten the attack. Most of the elements are pet dander, mold, tobacco, dust, air pollution and even certain foods. Another strategy I will observe is to keep the indoor environment clean, activities such as replacing carpets with tiles will minimize the attacks. Mop and vacuum is another strategy to help those with this disease to use high efficiency particulate air (HEPA). This will reduce stimulation to the attack for the co-workers who work indoors or in the offices (Soni, Anita, 2011). I will also ensure availability of peak flow meter devicewhich potable and can be used to measure persons’ ability to push air out of their lungs and this will enable the victims to know whether their treatment is really working or improving. Caution should also be maintained in the institution to ensure smoking is not done anyhow for this may induce asthmatic employees in danger. I will also encourage the victims to maintain a healthy weight since those individuals with obese are commonly hospitalized or other they tend to experience asthma more than non-obese ones and this can be achieved through eating balanced diet. I will also advise the victim employees to take precautions when conducting an exercise to avoid induced asthma. To those employees who are sensitive to dust mites or mold should be taken care of for not cranking up the humidifier or the evaporative coolers. Lastly, to those are affected by certain food ingredients can be requested to specify those products which they are allergic such as meat, cold milk, eggs, fish among other which will trigger allergic reaction to them and special concern will be taken to cater for their needs and by so doing the cases of allergic asthma will be minimized.

An asthma action plan is a written plan which is developed by the asthmatic together with his or her doctor (immunologist) to help control the asthma condition. An asthma management plan shows daily treatment indicating the type of kind of medicines to take and when to take them (Douglas, Graham, 2011). It also contains how to control and manage asthma on long-term and how to handle deteriorating asthma attackers for a victim. Additionally, it may rule out when to call the doctor or when to go for emergencies. It’s advised that those who live with asthma victims to clearly understand the asthma action plan.

An asthmatic condition is incurable but with proper treatment and management, the asthmatics' can be able to live a normal and active live undertaking and assuming duties just like any other human being. The asthmatic victim deserves better treatment, love, and care from those who they live with

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