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Steps taken to improve healthcare in Kenya


Date Posted: 6/21/2018 1:44:31 AM

Posted By: ROZA  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 961

Importance of good health

Health is very important. You can have everything you may desire but without health, it will all be of no importance. You cannot enjoy life, or even the fruits of whatever you have worked hard for without it. Your skills and abilities will not be of any help if you have no good health. Experts tell us good health is the backbone of a good and fulfilling life. With good health the economy of a country can only shoot up, since the citizens of that particular country are using their skills and bringing about this growth if they are healthy. This is because a healthy population is a productive population.

Steps taken by the Kenyan government to improve health

In Kenya today, our government is determined to make good health available to everybody big and small through several projects. Firstly, it has built many hospitals even in remote areas. It has also made health services free to the less fortunate.

We have seen this in this project known as beyond zero. This project has helped Kenyans in accessing the best medical care while not having to dig deeper into their pockets which is a good thing. It has also managed to reach areas which have been unreachable in the past. It has also greatly reduced both maternal and children’s deaths. The first lady will be forever remembered for this courageous step that she took that has never been taken by any first lady in the entire globe.
Other projects like the medical insurance that is affordable to the average Kenyan has greatly improved the Kenyan medical care.

This is a kind of insurance where a family or even an individual is insured such that when that individual or family member falls sick, they are treated free of charge.

In the case of a family, a NHIF member maybe a father or a mother who gets the NHIF card, then that whole family will benefit from that same card, provided the children are under 18. But university and college students also do benefit even if they are over 18. This card can be used for both in patient and out patient purposes. But it is good to mention that in the case of a family, a man who has more than one wife, only one wife can benefit but all his children that are under 18 can benefit from it. In the recent past, people were used to selling land, livestock or take loans so as pay for treatment. An illness used to be seen as the end of the road, but that is not the case nowadays. Also there are different packages for the NHIF card. It would be a good idea to consult the NHIF officials if you are an NHIF card holder so as to be well informed about the benefits of the card. It is sad to say that many people who are holders of this card go back to their pockets when they fall sick because they are not well aware about. As for the pregnant woman, there is a package for them that is known as ‘Linda mama’. More of this information would be well explained, if we make a point of visiting NHIF offices so that we can be well informed about this and many other packages that can benefit us if we are NHIF card holders.

Every one of us needs to make a point of making sure that we are holders of this NHIF card. That way we will not be stressed up when illnesses strike. We have seen some selling every thing which is not necessary once they become a NHIF card holder. Once this has been done, life will be easier for everyone and Kenya will be a better place to live in.
We cannot forget to appreciate the steps that our Kenyan government has taken so as to make our lives easier as far as health is concerned.

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