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Pressure faced by campus students and solutions


Date Posted: 8/13/2018 7:00:37 AM

Posted By: doreen20  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 22

In Kenya,being able to attend university is an epitome of life achievement.Once you are enrolled I a particular university you considered an adult and many things are expected of you.Not only from your parents but the society in general and they maybe come overwhelming.Some of the pressures are in education wise from your parents,financial strains and social fitting.

Studying can become tedious and tiresome especially when you are not getting the concept. This can be remedied by finding a motivation that can psych you up or get a study group.Also go through your notes frequently to become acquainted with them.Being at par with your studies reduces pressure from your guardians.

2.Financial strains
Money is never enough,even if you are being supported by your guardians.Just to be safe and reduce financial stress,get a side hustle where you can earn a bit for your own activities.Just remember let it be legal Ana socially accepted.

It is common for campus students to get entangled in messy relationships.Anyway where else would you get your love experiences if not in campus. But for the sake of playing safe,always stay protected that is protected sex.For the heart's protection,be a good judge of character and pray hard my friend.Eventually if you do this you'll reduce your relationship stress.

4.Peer pressure
This is the worst kind of pressure campus students face.In campus you get to meet lots of people with diverse characters and one struggles to fit and belong. Sometimes the struggle to fit can lead to low self esteem and loosing yourself.To avoid this you have to be assertive on things you want and choose your friends wisely.Assertiveness and decisiveness reduces the risk of succumbing to peer pressure while good choice of friends reduces peer pressure.

5.Social life
Work with no play makes jack

a dull boy.We all need to relax and we have different forms of relaxations.Most campus students prefer to party and rave.I'm not opposing to these but you should be able to know when to stop and when it is enough.Too much if something is poisonous.Too much partying can make one forget about their studies and later in the semester get stressed by loads of school work.Therefore learn to balance your social life and school work.

These are just a few of what to do to be able to cope up with the expectations directed to us.It is important not to let others who depend on you down but most importantly do not let yourself down.

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