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President Uhuru's Big Four Agenda


Date Posted: 8/15/2018 6:31:26 AM

Posted By: STEPHKIMOTHO  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 402

President Uhuru Kenyata has been on the forefront of foreseeing our country Kenya make huge steps in growth and development.Since he took power in 2013, our country has made great improvements in infrastructure development a good example being numerous construction of roads,the standard gauged railway and many technical training institutions.Also the heath sector has experienced major improvements in terms of the free maternity program.All in all,the his most inspiring dream for the country is the one he revealed after he came up with his big four agenda for his second term in office.Surely, the big four four agenda is one of the starting points for Kenya to get to achieve its very long awaited dream of the vision 2030.Let us keenly analyze step by step this amazing agenda of the president:

1. Food Security
Availability of enough and quality food to all Kenyans regardless of their financial capabilities has really been a major challenge.Since Kenya achieved independence, the cry of hunger in most Kenyan parts has not only been heard internally but also globally.Most parts of the northern Kenya have become a host to this challenge.It is mainly contributed by low rainfall,unproductive land and poor agricultural activities just to mention a few.Another major challenge that contributed to low food production is embezzlement of funds which are meant to focus on agricultural development in various parts of the country.According to President Uhuru,he dreams of efficient food production and supply by giving enough financial support to the agricultural sector.This will work to motivate farmers to engage in food production with zeal as they have expectations that the government is granting them support.This in turn will lead to increased production of quantity and quality of food.With increased production will come reduced food prices hence food security.

2. Affordable Housing
Having a shelter

is one of the human basic needs.Every human being dreams to have a good house in their lives.In our country Kenya however,this dream has become to many a nightmare.Many people in the country live in rental houses where they struggle every month to pay.This becomes extremely difficult especially at this moment when unemployment rates are high and cost of living is expensive.That is not all ,most families actually spend their cold nights out in the street.Even for those who have the chance to rent houses, the living conditions are at times poor and risky.The president is working to ensure that his government provides one million housing units under a 2.6 trillion project.This is very crucial especially to curb the high number of slums in the country.The housing units will help raise the standards of living for the people.

3. Manufacturing
For a country to be ranked as being developed,it must have more manufacturing industries as compared to agricultural industries.Availability of manufacturing entities will work to promote employment of both the skilled and the unskilled.This in turn will lead to financial security and high standards of living at the end.The president is working to create at least 1.3 million manufacturing jobs by 2022.I believe that employment creation will have both an economic and social importance.Many of our young people are idle and thus tend to engage in criminal activities just because they are not employed.Keeping them occupied by making jobs available to them is solution to solving insecurity.

4. Affordable Healthcare For All
Health is crucial in our day to day life.Everyone no matter how great or low they are has a right to healthy living.This is what this forth agenda under discussion is working to achieve.For a country to grow and develop,it requires healthy individuals.The president is working to ensure there is universal healthcare coverage for all.At the moment,many hospitals in the country have been supplied with healthcare equipment to ensure efficient medical procedures are conducted in our hospitals.Also at the moment,our mothers can safely deliver in hospitals for free due to the free maternity program.I believe that this is a great step to creating a healthy nation.

I strongly believe that the big four agenda is a starting point to making Kenya shine globally among the nations.Let us work to support the president implement this dream that will work for the common good of all people.

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