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Healthy foods you probably aren't eating but should.


Date Posted: 3/17/2019 6:24:50 AM

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Most of us love fast-foods because they are easy and fast to make but is it really healthy for us?One thing for sure I know is that fast-foods are the leading cause to obesity and no one wants to reach at that point.

Well, here are some of healthy foods that we should consider:

Seeds of a mature pumpkin have such a great value. They can be ground up and added to salad dressings, added to soups and even in baked pastries.Roasting pumpkin seeds at low temperature for a short time helps preserve the healthy oils hidden in these treasures.People suffering from arthritis can gain from their anti-inflammatory properties.

They can be integrated within curries,stir fries,salads and rice recipes.They are consumed dried,fresh,shredded or pickled.Its nutritional benefits are removing worms and bad cholesterol within the body.They are very low in calorie content, so they are great for weight watchers.They help in curing internal poisoning.The high fibre content means that they prevent constipation and promote healthier bowel movements.

Its sweet taste bears a close resemblance to a mix of banana,straw berry and pineapple. It can be eaten raw,can be used in salads,puddings and some fish poultry and meat dishes.It helps with weight loss because of its fibre content, which helps one feel fuller for longer,while it is lowest in calories.The vitamins A,C and E present in Kiwi fruit help fight against damage caused by free radicals that have a demolishing effect cause signs of aging in the body.Other numerous health benefits of Kiwi fruit include prevention of respiratory problems like wheezing and coughing, easing asthmatic symptoms, prevention of colon cancer and help people with impotence.

Beetroot juice has the dual capacity of raising the levels of the'good'kind of cholesterol that we need while lowering the bad type.If you are often low on stamina,beetroot juice

raises it by reducing the oxygen uptake in your system so the chances of you getting tired are significantly reduced. Beetroot is also a friend to your liver.Expectant mothers will be happy to know that beetroot juice is rich in vitamin B,which can play a direct role in prevention of array of birth defects in babies. If you get into the habit of drinking beetroot juice regularly then you are getting closer to the goal of healthier skin and fabulous hair thanks to its vitamin.

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