How to Overcome Fear


Date Posted: 3/17/2019 7:34:07 AM

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Fear is a not really a good word,it is a conqueror, which dictates and imprisons the thinking of many.It is an inner feeling of being weak and helpless.The fruits of fear are doubt,failure and even death.

In the journey of achieving academic excellence,fear comes in as a barrier which one must overcome.
One can never avoid fear during an exam.If you do not fear,you may not take the exam seriously.This nay explain why drug addicts feel nothing when sitting for exams and seldom do well.
Fear make one even afraid if himself/herself and also one's thoughts.Students who live in fear are often silent ,they do not ask questions.

(a)Inadequate information.
Usually,in school one always tremble at big words or certain topics with difficult words especially form ones,one can be convinced that he/she will never understand those topics.

No one has a genuine ability to know what happens in the future.Sometimes one just have such uncertainties. During exams,students really go to an extent of not sleeping at all just revising because they are afraid that they might fail.

(c)Poor preparation.
This happens during exams or situations when you have to account for your actions.

Some systems instill fear through threats or a backward culture. Some schools have teachers who threaten students that none of them will pass.This kills morale and plants fear.

(e)Fear of failure.
It is good to fear failure, but there is also a point when that fear can make you a failure.Just do your best and leave the rest to God.

One have what it takes to fight fear and bring it down to beneficial levels.If you cannot control fear,then you need to keep a positive attitude.
•Attitude :A positive attitude shields you from fear.
•Prepare effectively :Enough preparations cushion you against fear,especially during exams.
•Encouragement :Always encourage yourself with powerful

words like "I can do better!"," Yes,I can" and so on.
•Trust in God : Give all your uncertainties and fears to God because He is your safe place.Ask for His guidance.

Fear is unavoidable in your academic life.What will make the difference is whether you allow it to paralyse you or not.It has been said that courage is not the absence of fear;it is the drive to continue even in the presence of fear.In the end,fear God and embrace His wisdom.That is the best fear to possess.

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