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Improve your chest and upper body by doing push ups (Press ups)


Date Posted: 7/27/2018 3:21:17 AM

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Lack of time or money can make you skip the gym from time to time, I know I have. When we skip exercising we might find ourselves faced with the predicament of weight gain, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, health problems but do not worry. Pushups (press ups) are a good exercise and need to be one of your best friends. Since I applied them my life changed drastically. I do not worry about lack of gym time or money. Firstly, they require only your body weight to perform. Secondly, you only need just a few minutes to perform them. Thirdly, you can perform them anywhere.

Normal pushups are common everywhere. Firstly, you require to get to pushup position with the arms at shoulder width. They focus primarily on the shoulders, triceps, back and chest area. You need to do 10 reps or more per set for 3 sets or more per day.

Diamond pushups or close grip pushups are a variation of pushups. One is required to get to pushup position, the hands this time are placed very close together to the point where they are touching each other. This should be below the chest. This pushups helps in increasing the strength of the arms (triceps) and gives the back a good workout as well. You need just 10 reps or more each set for 3 sets or more per day.

Incline pushups are also essential when it comes to increasing strength of the upper body. They primarily focus on the upper chest, shoulders and triceps. To perform it you need to get to pushup position. Your feet this time will be put on an elevated surface like a box and the hands at shoulder width or slightly apart. This will force more weight on your arms hence make the pushup

slightly harder. You require to do just 10 reps or more each set for 3 sets or more per day.

The decline pushup is the opposite of the incline pushups. The hands are put on an elevated surface at shoulder width and the feet on the floor. This pushup focuses on the lower chest, shoulders, back, and triceps. 10 reps or more per set for 3 sets or more per day is advised for good results.

Pushups are a good work out for the upper body. They focus on shoulders, back, arms, triceps, and chest and core muscles. Pushups can improve muscle tone on the legs; this is because on the pushup position the legs’ strength are required to stabilize the body. Pushups if performed well they can be an excellent way to lose weight, increase muscle size and not forgetting one can get an attractive body.

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