The Key to Staying Happy


Date Posted: 3/14/2019 6:58:00 AM

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This is a topic that disturbs almost every individual in our daily lives .Every person wants to know how to stay happy,how to overcome various barriers in life,how to cope up with different kinds of people who have different characters and how to cope up with stress.All of us encounter various difficulties in our daily activities;in jobs, at school,along the roads and in every other place you might be thinking about.Am going to give you some tips on how to keep yourself happy despite what you are going through.

1)Fighting Low Self Esteem

Sometimes we have a lot of struggle within ourselves.This might be due to low self esteem .The basic thing is to learn to appreciate yourself.How?When you have low self esteem ,you feel down every time something negative happens.If anything negative happens;let's say you failed in your exam,rather than falling to your knees and crying as if the world has nothing good for you,you should encourage yourself like"I can make it next time!" and begin to work towards your next exam.Remember there is always something special in you that can never be found in any other person around the world.Of course everyone has a weakness and a strength .The secret is to appreciate both of them and focus on your strength rather than weakness.
Always remember the key to fighting low self esteem is to appreciate all your strengths and weaknesses and to focus on your strength rather than weaknesses.

2)Coping up with Harsh Treatment from Others

Every person is different in various ways. People are different in character.Some have good characters, you will always want to hang around with them.Others have extremely rude behavior .All in all,we can't run away from them.The only thing we can do is adjust and learn how to live with them.Harsh treatment may be in form of

words or actions.Rude words can break someone's heart.The best thing to do to someone who has rude words is to ignore and take heart.Do not allow your emotions to control you.Taking a quick action out of emotions might cost you a lifetime regret.Humble yourself and let the words pass with silence.Rude behavior too causes heartbreak.Rude actions might happen as accidents but failure to be accompanied by an apology would blind you from seeing it as an accident.The best thing to do when receiving harsh treatment is to ignore.You will have caused peace between you and the other person.

Remember ,the basic thing to do when receiving harsh treatments from others ,is to keep quiet.This will make them see that they gain nothing from their rudeness.

From the above,we have noticed that to stay happy,we have to make peace with ourselves and with others.Other tips that work amazingly are:
Read Holy books and devotional books daily for encouragement.
Change your lifestyle-This topic is so wide but I will give you a brief view of it.Under
lifestyle,I will talk about music.According to research,the kind of music we listen
to affects our behavior and almost everything that surrounds our lives.Listening to
classical Mozart music has been scientifically proven to lower stress while listening
to very loud,rowdy music increases your stress level.
Do exercise daily
Drink a lot of water daily
Help needy people around you .Help the poor,the sick and every other person around you.When
you make peace with others,you create peace for yourself.
Pray for yourself and others.Pray for peace.
Take nature walks.Having a view of nature will reduce your stress and make you feel relaxed.

Always remember that the key to staying happy is to create peace within yourself and with others.Staying humble also causes peace between you and others.

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