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Storage and safe use of toothbrushes.


Date Posted: 4/26/2012 8:05:22 AM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

The plaque that you always remove when brushing your teeth is mostly left on your toothbrush and this explains how filthy the toothbrush could be. Storing toothbrushes side by side facilitates the transfer of germs from one brush to another, this scenario is very common in many homes, and it explains why when one person is infected by flu, the whole family ends up getting infected.

Below are some tips to curb the incidents of contamination and spread of germs.

Replacing toothbrush:
A toothbrush is used frequently than any other cleaning-grooming tool in the house but it tends to be forgotten, people may buy new clothes among other items every month but a toothbrush takes months before it is replaced.
Dentists advise the replacement of toothbrushes after three months of use, when bristles have worn out and after illness.

Just as utensils are not stored in the washrooms, the same principle should apply to toothbrushes. Never place them on the toilet cistern or anywhere near the flash zone as the splash from the toilet bowl could infect your toothbrush unknowingly.
Toothbrushes should be placed in a closed cabin away from dust and germs, a medicine cupboard in this case would be recommended.

Safe storage:
After use, make sure the toothbrush is dried up on open air but avoid banging the bristles on the sink just to get rid of excess water as the sink might be contaminated. For storage, use a stable container example glass and place it where it might not topple over, make sure brush-to-brush contamination is absent. The glass should be washed frequently.
Another alternative for storage of toothbrushes is by hanging using the small hole at the bottom of the toothbrush handle, however the hanging location should considered as mentioned earlier.

Discourage sharing:
Partners or siblings might share toothbrushes and this is highly

discouraged even if you deep-kiss everyday. To avoid accidental sharing of toothbrushes, you are advised to use different colors or put labels on each individual's toothbrush.

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