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Sample meals for acne sufferers


Date Posted: 8/2/2012 4:56:30 AM

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People with acne often try to look for ways to slow down the acne infection on their skins; we are going to tell you of some sample meals for acne sufferers. We are all self conscious about how we look and when pimples pop out without warning we are left with scarred faces that are not that attractive. Many acne sufferers visit the dermatologists to provide them with the cure for acne and most of the times they do not work or have serious side effects. Possible causes of acne include: pollution, high stress levels, some prescription medication ad the Western diet.

Health and beauty magazines, doctors have made the assumption that the food we eat does not directly affect acne. This means that you can eat all the junk in the world and not be afraid of getting acne. Well studies have proved them wrong and there is indeed a food and acne connection. High-glycemic foods that are refined grains and processed sugar may trigger one to have a face full of zits.

Intake of these foods i.e. fried foods boost blood sugar levels too quickly. The pancreas reacts by producing insulin to lower the levels. The insulin in turn stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete sebum. Excess production of sebum causes bacterium P to block hair follicles resulting to acne on the skin.

Sample foods for acne sufferers are whole grains that contain fiber, vitamin B6 and zinc. This components help to reduce acne inflammation. Other sample foods for acne sufferers are fruits and vegetables that should be taken in the right amounts- seven to nine servings a day. If they take these foods regularly they will get the required amount of anti- oxidants and blemish- blocking vitamins.

The anti- inflammatory omega- 3 which is found in flaxseeds, walnuts and salmon are

more sample foods for acne sufferers and they should take less of omega- 6 fatty acids that are abundant in processed foods and vegetable oils.

It is advisable to take low- glycemic foods to control the infection of acne on your skin. The sample foods for acne sufferers may vary from one person to another because not all acne sufferers are the same. It is important to take note of the foods you eat before your acne flares up so that you can know what foods to avoid and which to eat without a worry in your mind.

food that should be avoided include: refined grains because they do not contain the necessary nutrients to fight acne; refined sugars because as explained above they rise blood sugar levels, more insulin, more hormones and more pimples; this may come as a surprise to you but you should avoid milk which contains hormones and high calcium content that trigger an outbreak of acne inflammations. You can substitute ordinary milk for calcium- fortified soy milk and nondairy products; plenty of collard greens, spinach and tofu.

A summary of the Sample foods for acne sufferers is shown below; whole grains, fish, green vegetables, purple and deep red foods and green tea that keep pimples from popping out.

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