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What you didn't know about plastic surgery


Date Posted: 8/2/2012 4:48:21 AM

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Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that aims to correct or restore form and function of body parts. Plastic surgery includes: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery; most plastic surgery is not cosmetic:
By 800 BC reconstructive surgery techniques were being done in India. In 1917, Walter Yeo, a British soldier received a skin flap surgery performed by Sir Harold Gillies.

Reconstructive surgery serves to repair damaged body part. This damage could be as a result of injuries sustained from an accident, surgery after suffering from cancer etc. plastic surgery aims to improve functioning of body parts by replacing the lost organ or tissue e.g. a wooden limb put after an amputation or when an ear is torn off and is put back. This enables one to return to their normal work.

There’s cosmetic surgery where undesired features in the body are removed, renewed or replaced. This is the best-known kind of plastic surgery. Nose job, boob job, liposuction are just but a few of the branches of cosmetic surgery. Seen as a way to improve the beauty of the person, this surgery is mostly related with the celebrities. They have to look glamorous for the cameras and plastic surgery looks like the sure way to do that.

Most people who go for plastic surgery want to look perfect for everyone to see. Reasons that may make them opt for plastic surgery include; having a low self esteem because of how they look, wanting to be accepted as beautiful or handsome. It has been observed that there are more women than men going for cosmetic surgery. This can be attributed to the fact that women are more self conscious of how they look than men.

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