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Practical Tips to help you avoid Procrastination


Date Posted: 11/4/2012 12:54:00 AM

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How many times have you postponed working on an important task just to engage in less important tasks like face-booking or watching movies? How many times have you postponed the idea of starting a business just because it happens not to be a good time? Procrastination is one of the worst hindrances to success, and if you can’t learn how to beat procrastination, you will most likely never achieve success in your life. So how do you go from being a procrastinator to a person who accomplishes things? Not an easy task to do, but with these few practical tips you can be on your way there.

1. Plan your tasks ahead
What do you want to accomplish today? That is what you should ask yourself everyday when you wake up in the morning. And please don’t just plan your activities in your mind, take a diary and a pen, and write your plans down.

2. Sub divide your work into small manageable tasks
It is very easy to a start working on a small task that will take you a few minutes as opposed to a big task that takes longer to complete. Therefore, it is advisable to sub divide huge tasks into smaller ones and proceed on finishing one small task at a time. While performing these small tasks, remember to focus on each task as a single task and not as a component of the big task.

3. Always start with the hardest tasks
When working on a project, it is best to start with the hardest task before performing the simpler ones. Once you accomplish the difficult tasks, you will find yourself feeling relieved and ready for other tasks.

4. Share your goals with your friends
One good way of avoiding procrastination is to tell your friends about your

goals. This usually helps you avoid procrastination because your friends will constantly want to know your progress. This constant reminder will keep you focused on your goals and will trigger action on your plans.

5. Reward yourself
Sometimes a small reward is just what you need to trigger yourself into action. Rewarding yourself is a good way of making you accomplish a task. Set aside a reward for yourself for instance treating yourself to a sumptuous meal at a 5-star- hotel or just buying yourself a small gift once you accomplish a hard task. This kind of reward will motivate you to work hard and fast. Just remember to reward yourself on the hard and important tasks and not on all tasks.

6. Take action now
The time to take action is now! There will never be a better day than today. This is the best time to accomplish what you have set to achieve.

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