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How the internet has revolutionized the dating game


Date Posted: 11/6/2012 12:52:39 AM

Posted By: fly1234  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 15

With the advent of internet, the dating scene especially the 21st century's, has taken a dramatic turn. It has gradually revolutionized such that a Facebook or a twitter account is all it takes, an African man to find the queen of his dreams.

Approaching and even keeping a conversation flowing can be a daunting task, not only to the handsome lot, but also to the below average fellow. Imagine an attractive, pretentious man hiding behind the privilege of the curtains that technology has to offer, chatting a beautiful lady on Facebook, because he doesn't want to face the fears of having to speak physically to her at first site. The virtual world is therefore ideal.

Now this fellow takes things a notch higher, it's time for their first date. The fellow has gained enough carriage to survive him through the first meeting. Unfortunately, it is a rainy day, they have to share one umbrella. He captures, for the first time a close view of this beautiful lady. He is stunned by her impeccable beauty, freaked to the last bit.

The fellow gathers enough carriage, convinced that he is a man and everything is under his control. So the couple take a scenic route in town, destination; an elegant restaurant along the streets of the uptown Nairobi.

A dessert is served while they are chatting, the conversation is flowing naturally as they get to know each others' background and interests. They soon realize that they like each other. There is a fluttery feeling in their stomachs, what we call butterflies in the stomach. This physical sensation is inevitable to both of them, so it becomes a routine of meeting each other twice or even thrice a week. They eventually get married.

Like this fellow, this is dating technique that most single people in the 21st century

find themselves in. With the mushrooming of dating websites today, i see a generation where walking up to a girl to ask her out, will be a phenomenon of the past.

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