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Learning to hear God's voice is an interesting journey


Date Posted: 11/15/2012 11:48:42 AM

Posted By: Joemburuh  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 71

When I got born again, I grew up spiritual around a friend of mine who was very spiritual (he's now a senior pastor in Nairobi)

I used to watch him in ministry, and many are times I used to ask myself, "how does he hear God?". He was a close friend (he still is), but it's interesting I never asked him how he heard God's voice (I'm glad I didn't).

I've come to know that no minister of the Word can fully teach you to hear God. It's something you need to desire, just like you desire the spiritual gifts. It's something you need grow into. As you go deeper and deeper into it, you begin to 'tune' into God's frequency.

Hearing from God isn't reserved for a few people, but it's something that should be embraced by every believer. Yes, there are level in hearing, but that's attained by desiring and exercising.

As you begin to desire to hear from God, He will begin to give you the understanding that you need in this journey.

Yes, listen to teaching and read books on the same, but desire for the Spirit of God to teach you Himself.

God is a manifold God, and He will take you through a unique journey to teach you to hear Him.

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