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Winning the interview game


Date Posted: 12/6/2012 3:31:53 AM

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Present yourself as a winner, the way you walk, dress and speak will provide information to your interviewer than you would imagine. You need to among many things;
a)Dress appropriately.

this will mean business clothing usually a suit and a tie or a conservative dress or skirt suit, avoid student casual dressing, yet do not overdress for you are going for an interview and not a party.If you are not familiar with interview attire do some research.

b) pay attention to how your grooming.

untidy hair, body odor, dandruff, unpolished shoes, stains on your tie, excessive make up or cologne, can give your interviewer a negative impression about yourself,hence the probability of you being hired be low!

c) Look alert, poised and friendly.

the interviewer may look into the waiting room and call your name, he is seeking to determine the first impression of your behavior. If you look with an annoyed face, get up slowly with hands in your pocket,he or she may not be favorably impressed, try this, rise promptly, walk briskly to your interviewer,smile, look direct to this person, shake his or her hand saying your name.

d) Expect to create a little small talk.

do not think this is a waste of time, the interviewer wants to check whether you are sociable therefore make it your opportunity to seal what you have already made.Key is to

follow the interviewers lead, always being ready to discuss whatever topic he or she introduces,however do not drag it on, switch off whenever a signal to talk about the business of the job comes.

e) Be Ready For The Interviewers Questions.

Some questions come up again and again so plan for all these questions.Think carefully about these questions and practice giving answers to the same. These Are Some Of The Questions;
i)"Tell Me About Yourself"?

such a question seeks to see how organized you are. In such events, be ready to give a brief summary of your life and work experience, where you grew up, where your family resides, which schools did you attend, some of the jobs you have had and importantly what brings you to the new job?

ii)" What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

on your stronger side, talk about being well-organized, a creative problem solver, a good team member, a quick learner and briefly account for how these strengths have served you in the past, notwithstanding your strengths, admit a flaw, may be reveal you are a workaholic.

iii) " Why Should We Hire You"?

You have to convince your employers that you are the right person for the job. remember to be bold enough and sell yourself! tell them that you have researched on that company and your skills match the companies needs very much.

iv) " Why Did You Quit Your Last Job?"

this, might seem a great opportunity to bad-mouth your former boss, how unappreciated they were.IT IS NOT.Say you left to seek greater responsibilities and or challenges.Do not be negative no matter how justified you may be about your former boss, such feelings might leave your interviewer with the assertion that you are hard to work with.

v) " Do You Have Any Questions?"

here, ask a question about specific issues about the job, again pointing out the fact that your skills match very well the companies needs, do not ask how much the company pays, or how much vacation is given, time for this shall come, today just demonstrate how good an employee you are.

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