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How to calculate weighted cluster points.


Date Posted: 5/17/2013 8:55:57 AM

Posted By: fancy03  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1287

The joint admissions board has just announced their minimum entry points.The aggregate grade points however are not the ones used in degree placement.The board uses weighted cluster points which is also what it issues as cut off points for individual courses. Here is how to calculate your weighted cluster points.

Each course has the four key subjects that are considered in the calculation.The list of these subjects can be obtained from the JAB website for each course.Once you obtain that,add the points you scored in those subjects based on the individual grades of each.Grade A plain is twelve points and this reduces with one point as you go down and the last grade E is one point.

Take the sum of this points and divide by forty eight which is the maximum score anyone can get.Multiply the answer by the result of your total aggregate points for seven subjects divided by eighty four.Take the answer to this and find its square root.Multiply the square root by forty eight and round off the answer to one decimal point.You now have your weighted cluster points and can continue to check for courses that you qualify for.

Alternatively you can use the calculator found at the JAB website and all you need to enter is your aggregate points and also the points in the four core subjects.

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