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How to differentiate between a good investment and a scam in Kenya


Date Posted: 5/13/2013 8:07:53 PM

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How to differentiate between a good investment and a scam in Kenya

In Kenya, there are so many people and businesses who offer you a lot of money if you give them the little money that you have. Many of them might seem genuine while others might seem like all they will do is take all your money away without giving you the much that they offered you. As a result of these, there are so many Kenyans who miss out on a chance of making so much money because of fear while others are a bit too courageous if not ignorant that they end up losing all their money on the wrong investments. Therefore, the question that most of the Kenyans who want to make a lot of money ask themselves is, ‘How can you differentiate between a great chance to make money and a trick to make you lose your money?’ Well, if you have been asking yourself the same question, then ask no more because this article will definitely help you know the difference between the two. This is how to differentiate between a money-making opportunity and a trick in Kenya.

1) Learn all the popular tricks.
There are a few con men in Kenya who are very creative and come up with all the best tricks to take money away from people. However, most of the other con men in Kenya just copy a trick that they saw or heard about from someone else. Therefore, if you want to avoid being coned, then read and study all the cases of people being coned in Kenya. This will prevent you from falling into the same traps that other people fall into every day.

2) Do enough research on what you want to invest in.
There are so many companies and businesses in

Kenya that have been giving people an opportunity to make a lot of money in Kenya. However, some of them have never been heard of nor have they ever done what they claim to do. Therefore, before investing in any business or company in Kenya, do enough research on it. If you notice even a single lie in what the business or company says about itself, then do not put any of your money in it.

3) Find out what the business gets from helping you.
In Kenya, there are so many people who are ready to help others earn a living and get rich out of the goodness of their hearts. However, not everyone in Kenya wishes to help you for nothing in return. Most of them usually assist others for their own personal or selfish reasons. Therefore, never invest your money in any business unless you know all that the business or the person whom you are giving your money to is getting by helping you.

There are so many dangers that come with investing money because everyone is after money and people are coming up with new ways of coning those who have money every day. However, the above will allow you not to be coned too much or not even to be coned at all in Kenya when you are investing your money.

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