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Why Caning Should be Reintroduced in Schools


Date Posted: 8/5/2013 7:06:34 AM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

Caning as a disciplinary method should be returned to schools and homes since reasoning with children has proven to be impossible. Children learn from pain and when they know that they will have some pain inflicted upon them then they become obedient. Since the abolition of corporal punishment on children in schools and at home, the level of discipline has gone down and teachers and parents are faced with a dilemma. The kids are impossible to control and they know their rights so they can easily report adults of infringing on any of these rights.

During our days when we were growing up, caning was the order of the day and at times we were punished before being told what we had done wrong and nobody died as a result of it in fact we were very much disciplined and straight in our ways, you wouldn't even think of doing anything wrong even when there was nobody watching. That fear of being discovered and being caned made sure that we grew up in a disciplined way and we did the right thing all the times. Children need someone who can show authority and who can control them, if you are soft to them and you talk to them as though they are adults, they will end up despising you and doing the exact opposite of what you tell them to do. The rod was used to show that authority and children in those days knew your level of seriousness the moment they saw you holding the rod and they tried as much as possible to avoid being victims of caning but today children are rude, lack respect, don’t care and are not scared of being punished if at all they are undisciplined.

The bible in the book of proverbs says that if

you spare the rod then you spoil the child and that is exactly what we have decided to do. It seems nowadays people go against the Bible whenever they please and they ignore the counsel that it gives to them. I’m very sure the author of that book had wisdom and he knew exactly what he was talking about but we tend to think that simply because we are of a different generation then we can despise the instructions of the Bible. As much as we are exposed to different experiences unlike in the olden days, some things remain constant and children will always be children and so failing to discipline them means failure on our parts as adults. Teachers lack a better means of showing their authority to children because the child knows that no matter what they do, they will be give a good lecture and forgiven and so they don’t really care when they are on the wrong side of the law.

In the olden days also there were other forms of punishment like being given some work to do in order to learn from your mistakes but today children know that they have the right to be protected from child labor and so these punishments have also been abandoned in most schools. It is not enough to talk because at the end of the day you will get tired of talking but if you act every ones in a while and talk less, the children will know that you are not kidding and they will respect and obey what you tell theme to do. Physical punishment to me is the best punishment because when you are told to slash an area or dig some piece of land you will come out of there feeling tired and broken down and so you wouldn't want to be subjected to such situations again and if children can be made to suffer the consequences of their indiscipline then I’m very sure there would be less incidences of indiscipline.

Commitment to discipline should be our number one role as parents and teachers and the society at large. We should strive to make sure that we create a generation that has people who are disciplined hence trustworthy in society. Lack of punishment is what leads to riots in schools and strikes all over in institutions of learning and this is totally against public policy. We have employees who steal from employers and who do things that are against company policy because they lack discipline, their upbringing failed to address the issue of discipline as is required. Due to indiscipline we find that most issues are addressed in violent means and the people don’t really care about the consequences of their actions. My recommendation is that we should introduce corporal punishment or physical punishment or caning whatever you prefer to call it in our homes and schools so that we can bring up our children in the right way, to make them become more responsible and obedient to authority.

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