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Creativity and Originality in Performing Arts


Date Posted: 8/5/2013 7:02:38 AM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

Creativity is a talent or gift that people are born with and if you’re not creative then no miracle can happen to make you become creative. Most musicians and actors are creative people and so they use their talent to earn a living however the most active people in music and performing arts are never seen in the lime light and these are music producers and composers, script writers and image creators. These people have the highest level of creativity and what we mean by creativity is the ability to change ideas, or transform our thoughts into real life situations and make it make sense. These people paint clear pictures in the minds or readers and they make you feels as though you are present in any particular written scenery.

The music that we listen to is a fruit of someone’s imagination, that person creates a scene in his or her mind and actualizes it through words so that when you listen to such music you can either relate to it or relate it to someone else’s experiences. I don’t think there’s any music that has words or a story line that is out of this world, everything in a song happens in real life. And so when we hear people terming a particular piece of music or drama as devilish then we know that that person who came up with that theme has a deeper knowledge about that issue. Some of us put of allegations of evil saying that they are just imaginations but the truth is that what you think, what you imagine is a fruit of what you have witnessed or read about.

Looking at the various local programs on our televisions we can easily relate to the scenes in those dramas and we find it easier because

they happen within our country but looking at the scenes in programs from other countries, we cannot understand them or relate to them because the picture they create is out of this country and so it applies only to the particular country where the author of that story comes from. I tend to believe that after several years of writing music the creativity in that person disappears and their music does not become as interesting because they have exhausted their ideas but some will argue with me that ideas will never end because circumstances change as time goes by. Some of these programs that were there since we were young and they have been going on until now, they become boring and they loose their fascination unlike in the past because the creativity has gone a notch lower. Look at the Mexican soap operas where the themes are almost always similar and their endings can be predicted after watching one or two episodes of the play. You don’t have to watch the entire play before you know how it is going to end and so there’s nothing that is keeping you glued to your screen after you have guessed out the ending. These programs have become so boring and they don’t really fascinate people anymore.

When the Nigerian movies started selling in Kenya we had viewers watching these movies like crazy, they sold out very fast and the business of selling the Nigerian movies was a blooming one. After several years the business is now dead because their themes are similar, the actors are the same, their creativity has faded off and no one really feels the sweetness of watching those movies like before. When people are used to watching the same things over and over again, the originality of it tends to lack and the excitement ceases. The same applies to music where every musician sings about love and the theme has been very much overrated that mostly the listeners feel that this types of music are childish and have no capacity to get the rating that the singers expect them to gain. In recent times most people have turned to watching the new programs that are being aired in our televisions because they have that fresh feel, they are new, the actors are new and the themes are very much recent and they also have the catchiness that is desired because they last only for a short time before they come up with anther catchy theme.

As the people who create story lines and music grow older so does their creativity because they fall short of ideas that are refreshing to young people who are mostly the viewers or listeners of such creativity. They tend to loose originality and they base their compositions upon other people’s work, they can’t really claim ownership of such work because it is majorly borrowed from other people’s works. Lose of originality leads to lack of audience. It would be a good thing if every ones in a while those people are appreciated when they do original work in order to inspire them to work even harder to be original and catchy.

Most comedians in Kenya are not original and they are boring because they repeat what other people have done and they cannot attribute their act to their own imagination but on another person’s. Most comedians dwell so much on issues of tribal biases and they tend to use those things to entertain their viewers and this is totally overrated because everyone knows these things and so when they keep on echoing them to viewers serves as mere repetition but not entertainment. Most comedians who were valued in the past have since lost their fame because they have grown older and out of ideas for their fans. What needs to be done is to let the young people with fresh talents into the entertainment industry to ensure that they keep the flame burning for the entire nation.

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