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Latest Past Papers
Ecumenical Studies(Theo 428)
Moral Theology B(Theo 420)
Moral Theology(Theo 420)
Church History Ii (Theo 317)
Theologics Themes Of The Bible (Theo 309)
New Testament Texts In English(Theo 303)
Hermeneutics And Exegesis(Theo 208) (Theo 128)
Church Management(Theo 206)
A T R (Theo 205)
Liturgy And Worship(Theo 124)
New Testament(Theo 113)
Christian Beliefs D(Theo 111)
Christian Beliefs C(Theo 111)
Christian Beliefs B(Theo 111)
Christian Education(Theo 110)
Introduction To Christian Education(Theo 095)
Introduction Moral Theology(Theo 091)
Introduction To Ecumenical Studies(Theo 090)
Worship(Theo 068) (Theo 005)
Principles Of Church Management(Theo 061) (Theo 009)
Introduction To Systematic Theology 1 (Theo 060)
Introduction To The New Testament(Theo 058)
Christian Beliefs(Theo 111) Iv
Christian Beliefs(Theo 111) Iii
Christian Beliefs (Theo 111) Ii
Christian Beliefs(Theo 111)
Christian Beliefs (Theo 111)
Christian Beliefs (Theo 111) Ii
Christian Beliefs (Theo 111) I
Theology(Theo 111)
Christian Beliefs(Theo 111)
Christians Beliefs(Theo 111) Ii
Christians Beliefs(Theo 111) I
Christian Belief(Theo 111)
Christians Beliefs(Theo 111)
Accommodation Management (Bhtm 308) (Bshm 212)
Introduction To Research Methods(Sost 202)
Introduction To Psychology B (Sost 136)
Introduction To Sociology (Sost 131)
World Regional Geography B (Sost 051)
World Regional Geography (Sost 051)
Introduction To History(Sost 045)
Early World History(Sost 045)
Introduction To Philosophy C (Sost 034)
Introduction To Philosophy B (Sost 034)
Science, Society And Ethics (Sost 201)
Introduction To Anthropology (Sost 138)
Introduction To Psychology (Sost 136)
Introduction To Sociology (Sost 131)
World Regional Geography (Sost 051)