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Econ 130:Fundamentals Of Applied Statistics
Bota 131: General Microbiology
Bmed 111: Human Physiology
Soc 407: Conflict Management And Resolution
Ment 538:Foundry Technology
Bioc 206:Introduction To Proteins And Nucleic Acids
Bioc 205: Biochemisty Of Lipids
Zool 232: Cell Biology
Econ 234: Economic Statistics Ii
Econ 303 : Economic Development 1
Bioc 207: Physical Biochemistry
Engl 111:Introduction To Language And Linguistics
Epsc 121:Introduction To Psychology Semester 1 Year 2016
Soci102:Introduction To Anthropology Semester 1 2016
Edfo111:History Of Education
Ctid121:Introduction To Fibres And Fabrics
Soci101:Introduction To Sociology
Litt112:Creative Writing
Inst111:Introduction To Diplomacy
Ansc 453: Sheep Production
Bmed 222: Microbial Physiology And Genetics
Bioc 412: Integrated Laboratory Techniques
Bioc 406: Comparative Biochemistry
Bioc 404: Metabolic Regulation And Integrated Metabolism
Bioc 403: Clinical Biochemistry
Boic 305:
Bioc 305: Industrial Biochemistry
Bioc 303: Integrated Laboratory Techniques 2
Bota 322: Plant Growth And Development
Bota 307: Plant Development And Morphogenesis

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