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Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology Past Exams Question Papers

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Ich 2106: Biochemistry
Mls2103: Medical Diagnostic Imaging Sciences
Hsm 2108: History Of Economic Thought I
Hbe 2310: Energy And Environmental Economics
Hbf 2301: Financial Institutions And Market
Hbc 2219: Financial Forecasing And Modeling
Daf 0208: Financial Institutions & Markets
Hcb 0101/Hcb 0103: Financial Accounting/Principles Of Accounting And Finance
Hbc 2103/Hps 2103: Introduction To Accounting I/Financial Accounting Ii
Hbc 2101/Hps 2103/Hbt 2103: Introduction To Accounting 1/ Principles Of Accounting
Sph 3104: Mathematical Physics
Sph 2404: Nuclear Physics
Sph 2305: Mathematical Physics I
Mls 2102: Physics For Medical Sciences
Aer 2209: Agriculture And Rural Development
Aer 2203: Agriculture Accounting
Aer 2402: Agricultural Price Analysis
Sbt 3110: Plant Geography
Hpg 2204: The Geography Of Kenya
Bit 2324: Introduction To Geographical Information Systems
Hbe 0103: Reading And Comprehension
Hst 0102: Communicative English Writing
Hsc 2209: English For Mass Communication.
Ahs 2307 Experimental Design And Analysis
Sta 3114 Survival And Clinical Data Analysis
Hdfi 3107: Financial And Econometric Analysis
Scg 2404: Analytical Chemistry Ii
Sch 2304: Analytical Chemistry I
Sch 2304: Statistics For Analytical Chemistry
Mit 3108:Human Computer Interaction

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