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Catholic University Of Eastern Africa Past Exams Question Papers

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Gs 101: Communication Skills
Cec 111: Introduction To Microeconomics
Cmm111:Principles Of Management
Gs 100: Christian Ethics
Chd 081: Human Resource Policy And Practice
Cmh 423: Global Human Reource Operations
Cmd 071: Business Environment
Cmm 414: Strategic Management
Cmm 222: Organizational Development
Cmd 071: Management Skills
Cmm 212: Principles Of Insurance
Cmm 425: Change Management
Cmm 322: Labour Law
Cfi 313: Public Finance
Cmd 095: Innovations And Entreprenuership
Cmd 092: Office Management
Cmm 325: Business Research Methods
Cmk 121: Principles Of Marketing
Cmm 112: Principles Of Commercial Law
Cmk 416: Customer Care
Cmh 416: E-Human Resource
Cmh 520: Human Resource Management And Development
Cmm 521: Business Research Methods
Cmk 412: Brand Management
Cmk 221: Marketing Management
Cmm 111: Principles Of Management
Cmd 082: Organizational Analysis
Cmk 413: Internet Marketing
Cmd 091: Research Methods
Cmk 411: Consumer Behavior

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