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Catholic University Of Eastern Africa Past Exams Question Papers

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Cls 106: Law Of Torts
Cls 100: Principles Of Law Of Torts
Cls 100: Principles Of Torts
Chem 408: Analytical Chemistry Ii
Chem 400: Descriptive Chemistry Of Transition Elements
Alt 500: Research Methodology
Sso 401: Sociology Of Development
Mlt 502: Comparative Study Of African Literature
Lit 302: Theory And History Of Literature
Chem 100: Introduction To Laboratory Techniques
Cac 111 : Basic Accounting
Cad 081: Intermediate Accouting
Cid 073: Introduction To Business Statistics
Cid 073: Introduction To Business Statistics
Ced 071: Principles Of Microeconomics
Cmd 072: Communication In Business
Chem 200: Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry Of S And P Block
Chem 103: Acids And Bases
Chem 310: Environmental Chemistry
Chem 300: Instrumental Methods
Lit 206: World Literature
Mlt 501: Contemporary Literary Theories
Bio 213: Techniques In Industrial Microbiology
Bio 206: General Mycology
Bio 100: General Biology
Bio 102: Introduction To Ecology And Bioanalysis
Pu Eng 102: English
Lit 106: African Oral Literature
Bio 201: Invertebrate Biology
Bio 203: Principles Of Ecology

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