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Kisii University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Kisii University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Bota251: Introduction To Plant Pathology
Hist 111: History Of Kenya
Epsc 123: Statistical Methods Cat 2
Comp 101: Introduction To Computers
Epsc 224: Research Methods In Education
Phes 202: Anatomy And Physiology Of Food Animals
Phes 200: Microbiology
Comp 423: Strategic Management For Digital Innovations
Phes 103: Development Studies
Phes 121: Ecology And Health
Mel S382: Nuclear Medicine
Engl 422:Advanced Phonetics And Phonology
Edci 346:English Language Subject Methods
Hist 322: African Diaspora In The Americas Up To 1915
Litt 422: European Literature Iii (19Th And 20Th Century)
Engl 421:Advanced Syntax
Engl 321:General Principles Of Teaching
Engl 312:Historical And Comparative Linguistics
Epsc 311: Measurement And Evaluation
Epsc 312:Early Childhood Education
Engl 311: Introduction To Psycholinguistic
Litt 312:Oral Literature And Folklore
Dss 201 Introduction To Social Psychology
Csw 1002 Counselling Skills
Ece 509 Project Design, Implementation And Administration
Mppm 714: Community Development
Educ 802: Measurment And Evaluation
Lins 416: Management Of Personal Records
Comm 351: Communication In Marketing And Sales
Bcom 220: Principles Of Marketing