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Aghe 211:Consumer Education
Aged 710:Statistical Method In Education
Agbm311:Financial Accounting Ii
Agbm 230:Behavioural Science
Agbm 221:Principles Of Marketing
Agbm 221:Principles Of Marketing
Agbm 210:Costing And Accounting For Projects
Agbm 102: Principles Of Management
Agbm 101:Introduction To Business
Crss 301 Ethics In Criminal Justice
Crss 415:Corectional Services In Kenya
Crss 416:Crime And Punishment
Crss 417:Human Rights And Criminal Justice
Crss 418:Restorative Justice
Crss 421:Introduction To Security Management
Crss 421:Introduction To Security Management
Crss 423:Phisical Security Ii
Crss 427:Security Investigation
Crss 428:Risk Management For Security Management
Crss 436:Forensic Interview
Crss 437:Human Rights And Criminal Justice
Crss 438:Terrorism And Threat Assessment
Crss 439:Project Management For Forensic Investigator
Sahl I00:Society And International Humaniterian Law
Sahil 100 :Society And International Humanitarian Law
Sahil 100:Society And International Humanitarian Law
Wiem 312:Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
Wiem 411:Public Relation In Wildfile Enterprise
Zool 100:General Zoology
Zool 105:Biology Of Hiv/Aids And Society

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