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Chuka University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Chuka University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Comp 101: Introduction To Computer Applications
Comp 102: Discrete Mathematics
Bcom 202: Intermediate Macroeconomics
Soci 104: Rural Sociology
Agec 242: Agriculture Finance
Agec 232: Agricultural Marketing (Application)
Nurs 171:Community Health Nursing1
Nurs 132:Communication And Counselling
Nurs 113: Biochem 1
Nurs 231:Medical Sociology
Nurs 191:Fundamentals Of Nursing
Nurs 321:Nutrition
Nurs 112: Medical Physiology
Nurs 114:Human Anatomy 2
Nurs 113:Biochemistry 1
Nurs 116: Biochemistry2
Nursing 113: Nursing Psychology
Nrsg 192: Fundamentals Of Nursing
Zool 412: Population Biology
Zool 233: Histology
Math 112: Basic Mathematics
Phys 112/110: Mechanics I
Phys 213: Electricity And Magnetism I
Phys 112: Mechanic
Agec 111: Introduction To Agricultural Economics
Econ 412: Economics Of Industry
Agec 452: Agricultural Law
Agec 452: Agricultural Law
Agec 452: Agricultural Law
Agec 455:New Institutional Economics

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