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Maseno University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Maseno University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Bec 122: Introduction To Macroeconomics
Ese 110:Introduction To Special Needs Education
Sbt 816: Plant Production Question
Sbt 805: Applied Ecology
Sbt 803: Herbarium Practice
Sbt 802: Biometry, Experimentation And Methodology
Sbt 801: Methods And Techniques In Botany
Pur 416: Planning For Health Services
Pur 415: Planning For Tourism
Pur 414: Planning For Water And Sewerage
Pur 316: Surveying
Pur 315: Urban Development
Pur 313: Management Techniques
Pur 312: Housing Policy And Economics
Pur 215: Introduction To Gis
Pur 214: Principles Of Environmental Planning
Pur 213: Research Methodology
Pur 212: Planning Principles And Techniques
Pur 115: Introduction To Earth Science Systems
Pur 114: Economics And Planning
Pur 113: Social Concepts For Planning
Pur 112: Presentation Technique I
Pur 111: Introduction To Planning
Pmt 819: Molecular Genetics
Pmt 818: Animal Cell And Tissue Culture
Pmt 817: Principles Of Community Health
Pmt 816: Medical Biochemistry
Pmt 815: Advanced Immunology
Pmt 812: Laboratory And Health Care System Management
Pmt 811: Research Methods And Proposal Writing