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Ins 307: Electronic Publishing
Ins 204: Classification I
Inf 410: Project Mananagement
Ins 308: Disaster And Risk Management In Information Centers
Ins 308: Disaster And Risk Management In Information Centers
Inf 411: Management Of Ict
Ins 201: Systems Analysis And Design
Ins 202: Operating Systems Theory
Ins 302: Research Methods
Ins 403: Leadership And Management In Information Sciences
Inf370: Software Engineering I
Ins 304: Preservation Of Information Materials Ii
Ins401:Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Information
Ins 402: New Media
Ins 323: Object - Oriented Technology
Ins322:Management Information Systems
Ins320:Data Structures And Algorithms
Ins303:Radio And Television Communication
Ins401:Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Information
Inf371:Law, Ethics And Professional Practice In Informatics
Inf460:Network Design And Administration
Ins217:Professional Organizations In Information Sciences
Ins216:Records Centre Management
Ins215:Principles And Practices Of Marketing Communication
Ins 214: Repackaging Of Information
Ins 213: Cataloguing I
Ins 212: Principles And Practices Of Management
Ins 211: Database Construction And Management
Ins 210: Data Communications Networks

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