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Bit2 104: System Analysis And Design Question Paper

Bit2 104: System Analysis And Design 

Course:Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology

Institution: Mount Kenya University question papers

Exam Year:2018

BIT 2104: Business information System Analysis and Design
Answer question ONE and ANY other TWO
a) In the context of information systems, state the nine characteristics of a system
b) An information system is essentially a group of components working together to capture and deliver information to users.
What are these components?
c) Define the following terms as used during systems analysis project
i. prototyping ii. fact-finding (2 marks)
d) The system analyst is sure to confront a number of problems including resolving conflict user objectives. Identify and explain any three other problems
(4 marks)
e) There are a number of categories of system users with whom the system analyst may interact with during information gathering process. Who is a system user? Who are these users?
(4 marks)
f) The system development life cycle, SDLC, is principally a four-stage process. Describe this cycle
(4 marks)
g) What is a system changeover? State any two methods of system changeover and explain their application
(6 marks)
h) What is problem recognition?
(1 mark)
a) Explain what is meant by tangible and non-tangible benefits citing an example in each
(4 marks)
b) Identify and explain any three skills an analyst should posses
(6 marks)
c) What is structured analysis? Explain its importance
(4 marks)
d) The DFD and Data Dictionary are some of tools used in structured analysis. Define and explain the importance of these tools in system analysis project
(6 marks)
a) Define and explain the significance of the following information gathering tools
i. interviews ii. observation (4 marks)
b) Why is it important that the analyst learns about an organization's policies and objectives when carrying out system analysis?
(3 marks)
c) From the following narrative, construct an appropriate decision table.
It is necessary to keep good track of stock levels at the warehouse. If the stock level is above reorder level, then the manager need not worry, but just take note of that. If the stock level and reorder level are the same, the manager prepares quick orders to keep the stock at desired level above the reorder level. If however the stock level is below reorder level, there is a serious mishap and fast orders must be processed. It is not allowed that the level of stock fall below certain level above the reorder level. The warehouse management allows fortnight reorder only and during the operation period, no order should be made unless the stock level is below reorder level
( 7 marks)
d) State and briefly explain the following design tools
i. ERD
ii. DFD iii. decision table (6 marks)
a) Define the term feasibility study
(2 marks)
b) Explain the appropriateness of economic and behavioral feasibilities
(6 marks)
c) Give detailed differences between a Data Flow Diagram and an Entity Relationship Diagram
(6 marks)
d)The waterfall model applied to system analysis and design project has a number of limitations or preferably, criticisms. Explain any three
(6 marks)
a) Construct the context diagram and level 1 DFD for the scenario below

“ Students apply for CD rental card. They fill out a form and provide a means of varying their identity. They are issued a CD rental card. Students rent CDs by giving the clerk their CD rental card and the CDs. The clerk total the amount of rental, which is received from the students. Students are given a receipt with the due date on it. A record is created for each item rented. Students return CDs, if the item is returned late a note and the amount of the late fee is made on the record. If
a student has a late fee, he/she is required to pay the amount the next time an item is rented. The company has several special policies to provide a competitive edge in the CD rental market. Once a month the student rental records are reviewed for students who have rented more than the bonus level, currently set at ksh 50 bonus, students are sent a letter thanking them for their business as well issuing them several free rental coupons (depending on the amount of rental for the month). Once a year the student records are examined for students who have rented more than a yearly bonus level (currently at ksh 250). A letter, free rental coupons and a certificate for a free CD (if a student has rented over two times the bonus level) are sent to the student”
( 15 marks)
b) List and explain any 5 user interface design principles
(5 marks)

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