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Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology Past Exams Question Papers

Find Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Hds 2413: Procuring For Development
Hed 2307: Population And Development
Heh 2201: Labour Economics
Heh 2203: Business Law I
Heh 2302: Reward Management
Heh 2304: Health And Safety Management
Heh 2309: Organizational Conflict Management
Heh 2311: Work Ethics And Values
Heh 2407: Introduction To Strategic Human Resource Management
Heit 2201: Design And Management Of R&D Projects
Heit 2301:New Product Development
Hesm 2201: Global Business Strategy
Hesm 2202: Environmental Analysis And Positioning
Hlg 2102: Gender Studies I
Hpg 2101: Industrial Psychology
Hesm 2303: Change Management
Hesm 2304: Multi Business Strategy
Hpg 2104: Public Sector Customer Service
Hpg 2105: Public Sector Reforms
Hpg 2301: Evolution Of The Kenya Stage
Hpg 2303: International Relations
Hps 2101: Principles Of Procurement
Hpg 2305: Public Sector Economics
Hps 2103: Supplies And Materials Management
Hps 2108: Cost Accounting
Hps 2109: Microeconomics
Hps 2107: Managing Purchasing And Supply Relationships
Hps 2111: Marketing For Purchasers
Hps 2113: Procurement Ethics And Integrity
Hsp 2205: Quantitative Methods