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Moi University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Moi University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Emp 310: Educational Planning
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Hrd 103: Development Concepts And Applications
Che 110: Fundamentals Of Chemistry
Mat 104: Basic Mathematics And Analytical Geometry
Psy 110: Quatitative Techniques In Education
Che 112: Introduction To Analytical Chemistry
Eco 101: Introduction To Accounting 2017/2018 Academic Year
Eco 112: Introduction To Maths 1 2017/2018 Academic Year
Eco 101: Introduction To Accounting 1,Cat 1 2018
Eco 110: Introduction To Micro Economics 2017/2018
Emp 100: Principles And Practises Of Teaching And Learning 2014
Sas 102: Computer Literacy And Skills 2017/2018
Prt 110: Introduction To Faith And Reason 2017/2018
Soc 110: Introduction To Sociology 2017/2018 Academic Year
Emp 100: Principles Of Teaching And Learning 2017/2018 Academic Year
Bbm 113: Business Mathematics 1 2017/2018 Academic Year
Cim 110: Communication Skills 2017/2018 Academic Year
Bbm 110: Introduction To Business
Edb 101: Microeconomics
Mat 113: Differential Calculus
Sbe 101:Health Awareness
Bbm 111:Introduction To Computer
Sbe 102:Library And Study Skills
Soc 312:Qualitative Methods
Bas 302: Nationalism And The African States
Emp 100 : Principles Of Teaching
Dit 026: Information System Engineering