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How to develop a growing attitude


Date Posted: 3/15/2015 12:35:00 AM

Posted By: Kalikidane  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 40

Did you know that growth is never automatic? Most of us clog our growth potential after reaching that one goal you had in mind. Say you finally get that job in a big company, does should it stop you from going to school for more learning? You manage to get that apartment that you've yearned for, should that stop you from envisioning that big bungalow or maybe a mansion that you could live in? Did you know that when you stop learning you stop growing? Destination syndrome is one of the main causes of growth stagnation. Ideally, you let that comfort you have taken to control of your life to a point you stop envisioning you at a better place.

We all have had goals in life that we always want to achieve and I could vouch for the fact that achieving that goal is not easy. One should stir up his desire to get to the management post, psyche up his will to lose that extra 30 pounds of obesity.

So, what steps should you take to start growing yourself to a better person?

• How about learning more? One could take an extra course online in a different field from your expertise that could land you a promotion to a general manager than just the manager in your company. Increase value to your C. V. and attract the attention of more potential employers. Instead of buying those T. V. guides, what not by that educational magazine to learn more. Education should not be a periodic thing but rather a lifetime solution. Did you know that researchers have it that if you spend an hour a day on a certain subject, after three years, you become an expert at that subject?
• How is listening to those teaching cd's? Do you ever take time

to listen to such podcasts that improve you in your field? Instead of listening to those demeaning music that teach more of immorality, you could spend your morning hours listening to encouraging morning talk shows and see where it takes you.
• Having mentors is one of the great ways that one can achieve his goals. Are you planning to lose that extra 20 pounds in you and already feel like giving up? Is there someone you've ever heard of that once lost those 40 pounds? Why not start with him? Mentors share almost the same circumstance as you are when they were starting off and sharing their story with you gives you a guide line on how to maneuver such situations. Remember they have reached where you want to go.
• Attending seminars at least twice in a year. This you are able to meet with different people in the same field as you are. You could talk to one or two of them, listen to what they have to share and I can guarantee you that that way, you are expanding your horizons. Get around people in your field and share ideas of how to build a strong foundation and improve yourself and your career
• Choosing the right group for your friends. If you have friends that add no value to your life, you better start getting rid of them. How about for those in school? Choosing the right team could go an extra mile towards your development goals. Ever realized of how teams like the debate team, the science fair team have their way with unpopularity? But the irony of this is that the probability of those in such teams landing a major deal career wise is higher than those in the football team! Despite of its high popularity!
• Putting your trust in God could get you to where you can never imagine! He has a way of rewarding those who work an extra mile into developing themselves and He never fails! So, work hard, don’t give up and put trust in God and all will work out fine.

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