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Kenya education system at the crossroads


Date Posted: 9/27/2015 5:00:46 PM

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Allow me peruse the new suggested reforms on the Kenya's 8-4-4 education system...

My dear readers, it is now clearly visible the new direction that the Kenyan system of education has taken after the release of the two National examinations: Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education & Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education respectively. 

The expected jovial moods on students and teachers who but for the reform would have celebrated immensely, was not traceable anymore. The core objective of instituting the "whole thing" according to the Ministry of Education was a strategy to curb exam irregularities among other malpractices. However a poor Kenyan at the roots is definitely yet to be convinced beyond doubt regarding to whether these gentlemen considered the long term outcomes of their idea.

In any organization, public or private, performance appraisal is very important in the sense that it helps evaluate performance so that proper and informed decision can be made. Then to speak, the removal of the ranking system was done without certain degree of considerations with respect to the teacher - student motivation which might in effect bring about an immense decline in the quality grades country wide.

Most schools used the ranking criterion to effectively evaluate and compare standards among their schools. This change has therefore taken them back to the drawing board in developing new methods on monitoring and evaluation. It is similarly scaring for the new proposition by the Ministry on the issue of using mother languages in teaching. The cited reasons being primarily to enhance content understanding.
The question is, what is expected of these students in education? Just grasping concepts?

Many free thinkers will attest that education is more than that. Think of the current world dynamics and you will probably get the point. Nevertheless, "their" children study in abroad

and will never suffer from the deadly tsunami. Why then create such amendments whilst fully understanding the magnitude of harm to the child of that poor Kenyan who has invested the better portion of the little in possession in their child or children?

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