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Tourism and its importance to humans


Date Posted: 4/10/2016 5:58:42 AM

Posted By: Martin mutunga  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1365

Significance of tourism in human activities.

1. Provision of raw materials for tourism related industries.

Forests being a tourist attraction site which would either be a habitat for wild animals are tourists’ attraction or even the trees in it provide wood which is used for wood-carving, while the white stone such as the white stone is used for stone carving. Some of the forest products like fibers, leaves and barks are used for weaving baskets. This improves the process of manufacturing, carving and basket weaving, which are important economic activities of the people.

2. Source of employment.

Wildlife provides employment to the people. For example, forest guards, game reserves offices and drivers are employed in game reserves and even in national parks. This provides an opportunity for the people to engage in activities, thus improving their living standards.

3. Medicinal value.

Herbal medicine is very useful in curing of some diseases. This medicine comes from forest trees and shrubs and other vegetation types which provides some of the raw materials needed in the manufacture of drugs.
The people take the drugs in various diseases which have weakened their lives, thus giving them energy to overcome diseases and to participate in other activities like farming, trading, thus improving their economic value and earn a living.

4. Provide alternative use for marginal land.
Areas set aside for game parks and game reserves are marginal lands which cannot support agriculture. The land supports wild animals that can utilize greater range of vegetation.
They are immunized to diseases like fever and can stay for longer periods without water. The animals earn the country income through ranching and tourism, thus improving other human activities like game ranching rather than leaving the land for waste due to its low production on agriculture.

5. Preservation of endangered species.

Wildlife enables conservation of some of the endangered wildlife species. For example, animals like white rhinos, cheetah, elephants and giraffes are protected in animal orphanages and sanctuaries.
This acts as security measures to the people living in nearby environment with these animals which would otherwise endanger their lives by killing them and even destroying the environment. This gives the people courage to comfortably engage in their daily activities without fear of being killed.

6. Conservation of the natural habitat.

This enriches our planet, hence the animals must be always kept in their natural place. This conservation helps human since they keep the essential watersheds intact and ensuring clean, fresh water. It also gives room for interaction between people and animals, hence the people become more knowledgeable about animals and the environment, hence they can clean the environment and water, and hence reducing the affection of diseases to the people. This in turn enhances them in participation of important activities in the community.

In conclusion, wildlife has a lot of benefits especially in enhancing human activities of the people thus enhancing their living standards economic development, hence we should aim at preserving it.

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