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Consequences of Deforestation


Date Posted: 11/2/2017 12:00:46 PM

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Deforestation can be defined as cutting down of trees.
Deforestation is associated with negative effects as shown below.

1.Soil Erosion
Trees performs an important role of intercepting rainfall thus cutting down of trees leads to soil erosion because the protecting cover(trees) of the top soil that is rich in nutrients is washed away by water and the soil is rendered infertile.


Clearing trees from hilly regions ultimately causes landslides due to the absence of trees and other plant covers associated with forests that would have bound soil particles together to prevent saturation by water.


The loss of trees leads to soil erosion that is carrying of soil particles eg by water.The soil particles are later deposited in water bodies like rivers and lakes making them shallow.

4.Loss of Wild Habitat

Clearing of forests means loss of habitat for the wildlife which in turn renders them endangered or extinct.


Reduction of trees means increased carbon in the atmosphere because the trees that would have absorbed the excess carbon in the atmosphere are no longer there.The sawmills also pollutes water when they dump wastes in water bodies and the air when the release smoke to the atmosphere.

6.Climate Change

Trees makes the surrounding humid, thus loss of trees leads to loss of humidity hence climate change.

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