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Washroom cleanliness and etiquette in workplace


Date Posted: 10/23/2013 10:20:18 AM

Posted By: Karjosse  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 615

Women are the first to complain about bathroom cleanliness at workplace yet they are the same people who mess the place up.It is hard to imagine what the home bathrooms of your co-worker look like when you see the mess they leave in the common women's bathroom.
The situation is sometimes so bad that management is forced to put up signs reminding women of basic bathroom etiquette.

On that note,here are some rules to work toilet and bathroom etiquette at a workplace:

A busy office whereby you maybe sharing the toilets and washrooms with a neighboring company leaves these areas always in a total mess due to the constant moving in and out. Some would leave soapy water below the paper towel hanger while others would have done the unthinkable.A client who walks in may be forgiven to think that this carelessness in the washroom is reflected in the work the staff did.So before of messing things up,think about those who will use the facilities after you.

There are times when you have something important to tell a colleague but instead of walking to his work station, you take advantage when you meet her/him in the washroom. It's not that business can't be done in the bathroom,it shouldn't. If a topic is that important,why not wait for the person to finish her/his business in the gents/ladies then talk to them when they are back to their desk.

I do not need to go into the messy details but whenever you are done with your business,flash the toilet.If there is no water get some and clean your mess.If you clog the toilet, make sure you notify your building caretaker to get a plumber.Do not leave it for someone else.

I support the idea of chilling with

a good book in the ladies/gents.But this luxury applies only when you are at home not at the workplace because it is not a public facility.

A friend recently made an interesting confession.In the spirit of multitasking,she accidentally dropped her mobile phone in the toilet bowl.
Multitasking may be a handy way to get things done in a busy world,but it's not always more efficient.When you visit the washroom,it is best if you leave the phone at your desk and concentrate on the task at hand.I find it funny when i hear someone picking a call in the bathroom.It's distracting others and the person on the other end can tell what you're doing.

One of the biggest mistakes women make in the bathroom at work is to gossip about co-workers or complain about their bosses.This is dangerous because you never know who is in a neighboring stall or who has entered the bathroom after you.If you must gossip,do it outside the office building.

If there's a running or clogged toilet,no water or the toiletries have run out,take leadership role and report this to the right official.If these are strictly observed, there will be a revolution in the cleanliness of washroom.

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