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The major benefits of Tibetan mushrooms


Date Posted: 10/23/2013 6:47:28 AM

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Mushrooms are micro-fungal plants that can be cultivated or found in the wild. Tibetan mushrooms aren't only unique to Tiber, but are also found is several other Asian nations. There are several varieties of Tibetan mushrooms such as cordeceps, chanterelles, boletus, and lion’s mane amongst others. Mostly grown in the Tibetan plateau, such mushrooms possess numerous nutritional, medicinal, culinary benefits that make them a highly-valued commodity.

Nutritional Value:
Not all Mushroom types are edible, edibility of mushrooms is based on a number of factors including; presence of poisonous effects, your personal tastes, preferences, aroma among other aspects. According to Forbes nutrition, Tibetan Mushrooms are touted as a great source of both nutritional and medicinal value and have sparked a “gold rush” in the Tibetan economy. Tibetan mushrooms not only contain numerous minerals that are good for your body, they are also low in calories and high in fiber therefore making them a healthy source of food. Minerals such us protein, potassium copper and selenium, which are good for their dietary benefits, are abound in Tibetan mushrooms.Some varieties have complex carbohydrates that are known to strengthen your immune system.

Health Benefits:
Tibetan mushrooms have many medicinal benefits and for many years now, have been used as a natural cure for many diseases. Tibetan mushrooms are used to make mushroom milk popularly referred to as “kefir” posses numerous medicinal values. Kefir is a pro-biotic food containing lactic acid bacteria which is rich in vitamins and is considered as one of the best remedy for allergies.It is a strong and natural antibiotic that is used to cure liver diseases and to lower cholesterol in your body. In addition it also enhances the immune system and lowers hypertension, these are just some of the numerous curative functions of kefir mushroom milk.

Tibetan Cuisine:
Mushrooms play a huge role

in the Tibetan economy, aside from mining and industry, Tibetan mushroom comprises a large part of the GDP. According to, Wild fungi and some mushrooms are used to spice up food therefore comprising part of the unique Tibetan cuisine. Mushrooms are used in making many traditional Tibetan foods consequently making the Tibetan cuisine one of the healthiest cuisines popularly known around the world. The Tibetan cuisine forms part of the tourist attraction in Tibet, visitors are keen to sample some of the local cuisine hence improving Tibet’s image as a popular holiday destination.

Therapeutic Benefits:
Tibetan mushroom milk (Kefir) contains lipids, sugar and proteins that together form polysaccharides grains provide an aphrodisiac feeling which enhances your mood making you feel happy. Due to the fermented yeast contained in the milk Tibetan kefir contain minimal levels of alcohol that may also be attributed to the warm dizzy feeling felt by some consumers.

In addition, some Tibetan mushrooms are also used for making cosmetics used by beauty therapists.

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