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Health benefits of sleeping with light clothes


Date Posted: 6/8/2014 8:25:15 AM

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It is beneficial to sleep with light clothes as its a natural way of pain relieving. Clothes restrict blood circulation. It helps in eliminating tension and discomfort,an waist pains caused by jeans and tight elastic bands. It can help those suffering from insomnia as they are more at ease.

This can also ease tension and help in giving adequate dose of sleep. Helps one i'm waking up refreshed and remain energetic. Sleeping with clothes after a hectic day is not advisable as one will wake up feeling tired.

It can help in weight loss. Sleeping free helps the body to cool releasing fat burning hormones. The hormones also rebuild skill cells,bone cells as one sleeps.

Uninterpreted airflow can accelerate repair process of the skin. Sebaceous glands work best when one sleeps freely.

It can help to promote hygiene in women. It improves ventilation to private areas avoiding all chances of fungal infection. To men it also been found to increase fertility by keeping testes at adequate temperature and retaining sperm quality too.

It prevents too much sweating at night and waking up at night to remove extra clothes due to suffocation.

In case of a fever it can help to cool your temperature, thus feeling better.

We therefore see that sleeping with light clothes is healthy and comfortable. You will wake up feeling enthusiastic for the long day ahead.

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