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Becoming a Computer Programmer in Kenya


Date Posted: 5/31/2018 3:58:19 AM

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A computer in general terms is any electronic device that accepts inputs,processes and outputs,stores and can share data or information.However, in the language of programming, it can be defined as a programmable machine which simply means that it can execute a program of instructions and that it can respond to new ones if given. As long as an object can can respond to instruction given, then, it can be referred to as computer. Computer programming on the other hand is the process of developing and implementing various sets of instructions to enable a computer to do a certain task. Programs are usually written in computers in order to solve problems. They are written in the form of codes which are simply pieces of instructions given to a computer. When the codes are grouped together to perform a given task they become a program. Computer programmers on the other hand are those people who are skilled in writing codes that perform specific tasks in computers.

The first programming language was machine language which used binary numbers. The numbers were in the form of zeros and ones.It was difficult to understand.Later,assembly language was invented in the early 1950s.The assembly language used symbols to represent binary numbers but there was a lack of standards hence a need to create a paradge of programming which was easy to understand and one with standards. Later, came the structured programming language which was mainly the C-programming language. It was developed at AT and T bells laboratories of USA in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. Structured Programming language was easy to learn and purposeful.Later on wards, the object oriented programming was invented.It is a programming language model organized around objects rather than actions and data rather than logic.
Now,you might be wondering how one becomes a programmer

and the requirements needed for one to be successful in this field.Below are some of requirements for one to become not only just a programmer but also an excellent one:

1.If still in High school and you have made up your mind to walk on this highway of success you need to work smart in your studies to make sure that you reach the threshold to join a university.

2.Secondly,make sure that you are very good at subjects like mathematics and computer studies.Most universities take mathematics subject as a tool to get the people who can become good programmers and for one to pursue any computer science related course,this is one of the requirement.

3.Also,one should develop a great passion for computers and other related objects and should be on the lookout to know how they are able to perform their tasks.Passion is what drives the mind to reach to greater heights.Without passion for computers and in particular to the field of programming,then one is doomed.

4.Make sure that you select any of the following courses
a.Bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science
b.Bachelor of science in Computer Science
c.Bachelor of science in Software Engineering
d.Bachelor of science in Information Technology.
those are just some of the courses that teach programming in detail.
5.Start with the programming language that best suits you.However,the most preferred language for beginners is python language.Then you can jump into C,c++ Java e.t.c.

Advantages of Programming

1.Job Satisfaction- this is in the view that, since the world is becoming technology oriented in term of computer usage, a computer programmer has become an essential tool in today's world. Computer programmers can work in various field of engineering,health and school organizations
2.Well Paying- Computer Programmers are some of the most paid people in Kenya since they are hard to find.Also programming being one of the backbone pillars for most companies as most of them depend on computer technology, then computer programmers are very essential to them and they will pay them all the money required in order to maintain them.

Disadvantages of Programming

1.Technology dependent- This is the case that a programmer has to keep themselves updated in relation to any new technology. This means they have to keep reading books and being alert in case of new inventions.
2.Health problems- A computer programmer has to stay indoors in front of a computer for long hours while writing programs,developing software, e.t.c This can lead to serious health problems such as eye problems, back pain and wrist pains.

Now in light of the above mentioned challenges in programming, it is reasonable to appreciate the fact that all careers have both advantages and disadvantages that face those who are experts in those fields.I strongly believe that computer programming is one of the best career choice to choose and I believe the at it will remain that way.

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