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A Student is as He or She thinks


Date Posted: 6/1/2018 2:26:44 AM

Posted By: STEPHKIMOTHO  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 402

Who is a student to you? To me ,a student is anyone who is learning under the guidance and instructions of a teacher, be it in high school or in the university.Also,even though the later definition seems to refer to those under formal education,I personally tend to believe that the term student is not just limited to those in a learning institution.I believe that it also applies to a person who is learning certain skills from another person who is skilled in a given area of work.

Are you a student? What challenges do you face in your student life in regard to your study life? You could be student at high school level or one who is awaiting their graduation at the university level. You could also be one learning from apprenticeship without any use of formal language.The point is, you are a student.You could even be an elderly person who has just joined school in order to pursue higher education ,you are also a student. Now, did it ever occur to you that many of the problems that you go through are as a result of how you used your mind.Do you know that a host of negative thoughts and emotions could be ones that have made your academic life seem to be paralysed at some point in your life? At this point I will take you through the need to have a positive mind,its benefits and the problems that arise from having a negative mind.

First and foremost, you have to know that the brain is a very essential organ in the body which controls most functions in the body.Also all the decisions that a human being makes,they all have one source which is the brain. However ,one has the authority to control whatever they think. A positive

minded person is one who is optimistic about life. Whenever he or she is faced with different situations be it negative or positive,these positive minded people tend to focus on the positive side. A negative minded person on the other hand is one who only sees negativity in the light of situations that face them. That big truth is the one that draws the line between those who are successful in life and those who are not

If you as student do not appreciate the fact that you are student ,if you think negatively about being a student and then make it sound to your mind that being a student is a punishment, then believe me ,that is the beginning of your failure. All in all, if you appreciate that you are a student and think of it as an opportunity to change your life,then believe me that you have already began your highway of success. After accepting school and coming to your senses to accept that you are student,the next step is to believe that you will excel in your life.By believing that and having such great thoughts,your mind accepts the information that you feed to it simply because you already made a declaration to it that you are going to be successful. However if you think that you are not going to be successful,the information becomes engrained in your mind and no matter what you do for the rest of your life,you will not succeed.

In class,there are various subjects that seem to be challenging. You should never think that you cannot do them. Neither should you think that they are hard.You should say to yourself that,I can give it a try! You should believe that you can tackle them no matter how challenging they appear to be. If you think that way ,with time you will get to realize that things keep changing.A desire to study them and to do more research will arise within you. You will eventually conquer them. This however will not be the case for a student who focuses on the thought that subjects are hard and that it is impossible to pass in them. These kind of students repeatedly fail and are always depressed.

You also need to think that you will be a great person in your life.Depending on the passions that you have, the thought that you will be great should ring in your mind. Believe that you will be the next best doctor,lawyer,programmer,engineer,etc. By saying that to yourself ,then know that you are already one. You will be inspiring yourself to work hard in order to achieve your dreams. You need to know that all great people in life who are successful began their journey of success in their minds. This is simply by believing that they could do it!However if you think to yourself that you can never be a doctor ,engineer or lawyer,then now what you think,is already what you are beginning to become.

Ben Carson began believing in himself while a young student. He thought positively to himself and that made him succeed in his studies and later in life he became one of the most successful and famous doctors in the world.Being a successful person in life all began in his mind.

In conclusion, we have seen that a person is as he or she thinks.As a student you need to begin thinking positively to yourself if you want to go far in life.

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