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Facts About Lime and its Benefits


Date Posted: 10/5/2012 3:08:08 AM

Posted By: juddyadhis  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 45

In the mid-18th century the Scottish naval surgeon James Lind showed that scurvy, the former scourge of sailors, could be prevented by drinking lime juice, lemons and oranges. This is because the disease is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, of which citrus fruits are an excellent source. Lemons and limes became essential rations for British sailors hence the nickname “limey”, often used as slang for a Briton.

Like other citrus fruits, limes contain significant amounts of bio-flavonoids which act like antioxidants, helping to protect the body against free radical damage.

The juice of fresh limes, Like that of lemons, is an excellent source of vitamin C and a small glass contains only 37 kilojoules. The juice is often used to bring out the flavor of other fruits, such as avocados and melons, while it also makes an excellent, tenderizing marinade for meat. Dishes where lime juice has been used as a flavoring need little salt, which can be helpful if you are trying to follow a low-sodium diet.
Lime juice is a traditional ingredient in many Asian dishes and is used in pickles and salad dressings as well as in fish and meat dishes.

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