Knowing how to choose the right friends at school.


Date Posted: 4/20/2013 9:16:23 AM

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Knowing the right kind of friends to have at school

Students are always told about peer pressure and that they should not hang around bad people or make bad friends. However, not all of them really understand what a bad friend is what kind of friends they should have.

The following is the kind of friend that you should have while you are at school.

1) Reminds you to study.

Our friends always tell us relax and have fun. However, it is not always time to relax at school. Sometimes you need to read and think about your exams. Therefore, a good friend is one who will remind you that you that you have rested enough and that it is now time to read. This might seem boring and unfriendly for some people who like resting a lot, but it will not be boring once you start passing your exams thanks to your friend constantly reminding you to read.

2) Tells you when you are doing the wrong thing.

Friends usually tell you that you are doing the right thing and that you will succeed in what you are doing in order to look supportive. However, you do not always need to be supported by your friends. Sometimes you need to be corrected by your friends. For example, a good friend will always remind you that it is bad to use harmful drugs and will also tell you that you are not supposed to break the school rules when they catch you doing anything that is against the school rules.

3) Share with you what they have.

At school, you might not always have the necessary equipment needed for you to learn normally like the other students. A good friend will always share with you the things that they have which can help you to pass your exams. No matter how small it might seem, it still shows that they are good friends.

4) Defends you.

A good friend will always defend you and tell your accusers that you are innocent and even help you prove your innocence. However, if you have really done something wrong and your friends do not support you or help you prove your innocence, it does not mean that they are not really your friends. It might just mean that they think that they have to let you learn a lesson if they really want to help you or if they really care about you.

If someone is a good friend to you, then to avoid losing them, also be a good friend to them. If you keep the right kind of friends, then you will have a wonderful time at school.

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