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How to get your girlfriend to like football


Date Posted: 5/13/2013 7:28:09 AM

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How to get your girlfriend to like football

It is a known fact that girls consider themselves too classy to waste their time watching football. To find one who likes football is nothing short of a miracle. Well there is this saying in the scientific community that ‘if you can’t find one make one’. Making a girl to like watching football is like trying to teach a dog a trick, yes is tedious but the results are satisfactory. Wouldn't it be nice to have a girl who can you can watch football without her nagging and asking silly questions about the game that make you lose your concentration when you are trying to watch the game.
Here are some tips you can try to make your girl friend more football tolerant:

1. Make bets with her
2. buying her a feminine cut jersey of the team
3. lure her in with gossip about players.
4. Take to the field and play with her
5. Play intimate games when watching a match

Money is a great motivation. When your girl accidentally finds you watching football engage her in a wager. Make bets on which team will win and put money on the line. Once she chooses a team she will cheer them on and be determined that they win to get the money. During the game you can teach her terminologies used like offside, linesman, free kick, foul, yellow card.
Out of the blues ask your girlfriend which team she supports. She will say the team that is common or the one everybody is on. Surprise her by buying her a feminine cut jersey of the team. Jerseys are great fashion for ladies as they are unique and have an edge. She will surely want to know more about the team whose jersey she’s wearing.

Watching games with you can be boring. But after

long periods of persuading she may finally give in and decide to watch one game with you. At this moment make the drinks she likes. She will associate her favorite drink with football and eventually warm up to it.

Girls love gossip. Reel her in with gossip about players. She will relate better with the players when she knows the dirt in their personal lives. Tell her about a player who had an illegitimate child with another woman and the wife is suing for divorce that will cost the player billions. You can also tell her about a player who had issues with his weight or maybe one who had problems with drugs and went into clubs to get into fights.
Play foot ball with her. Take her to a field and play with her. She will enjoy playing and even enjoy watching.

Play intimate games when watching a match like if a team scores you will kiss her and stuff like that. Make her enjoy watching the game.
But most importantly do not force her to like foot ball. If she says no after trying all this give up and find a more open minded girl.

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